What You Should Know Before You Go To Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka Travel Guide

Sri Lanka is an island country in the Indian Ocean, located just 31 km south of India in South Asia. Sri Lanka is an island country where you can see many different and impressive things wherever you go. If the name Sri Lanka sounds foreign to you, maybe you are familiar with the name Ceylon. You know, Ceylon, which is used as Ceylon tea, is actually Sri Lanka itself. Because Sri Lanka is also the third largest tea producer in the world.


Sri Lanka uses its own currency, the Sri Lankan rupee. You can think of it as 150 Sri Lanka Rupees (Rs) = 1 Dollar. The average price of our meals was 900 rupees, now you can calculate how cheap or how expensive the country is.

For converting money, my suggestion is definitely a debit card. In large cities, you can find at least a few ATMs in very small places. Most of the ATMs say that no matter how much money you withdraw from you, they will take an extra amount such as $ 2 or $ 3, but if you calculate and withdraw your needs in one go, you do not have to pay a charge each time. When you go to small cities, you will feel comfortable if you have a little too much with you.

If you have foreign currency with you, you can choose banks. At the same time, hotels are changing from the average rate to help you.

Languages Spoken

The country has 3 main languages; Sinhala, Tamil, English. Not everyone speaks English, but you can still easily find someone to get along with.

Electrical Outlet

A converter for electronic equipment is needed in Sri Lanka. Mostly the sockets are English type with 3 plugs but some of them have 3 plugs all round. We have found a ready-made converted socket wherever we stay, but as soon as it happens, you can take an international converter with you.

Climate and When to Go?

Sri Lanka is an island country and has a tropical climate. There are 3 different monsoons in Sri Lanka. In other words, there is no simple mathematics that can be said to go in summer and go in winter. Whenever you go, if you want to travel the country well, you can come across rain in a few regions.

It is generally said that the season of the beaches in Sri Lanka is between November and March. When we went in August, the weather was dry on the south beaches but mostly cloudy and the sea was always wavy. The inner parts of the country, called the cultural triangle, were extremely hot and sunny.

Go to the country whenever you want, just check which region you will visit is under the monsoon effect before you go, so balance your plan accordingly. The cheapest time in the country is the months between May and September. When we went in August, especially the southern beaches were much more empty than we expected and the accommodation was quite cheap.


There seems to be more festivals in Sri Lanka than in many countries, the annual public holiday is about 25. Since Muslim, Hindus and Buddhists live freely in the country at the same time, it is a public holiday for all at the same time in each of them. Since Sri Lanka’s New Year is celebrated in April, if you are planning a trip for that month, you can include the celebrations in your plans. They have a separate celebration for almost every month. Full moon time is always a public holiday.


Sri Lanka is a great country in this regard. It does not only offer you great beaches and sea holidays. There are many places in this country regarding culture, religion and animals. In Sri Lanka, a country where the religion of Buddhism is intense, there is an incredible region called the “cultural triangle”. Since the country is also home to wildlife, there are multiple national parks and you can go on safari in these parks and see animals in their natural areas. Each national park has a different variety of animals. Since the country makes a living from agriculture and tea is the main source of income for the economy, even the vast tea fields and the train journey through these fields is an activity that should be done on its own. When you come to the beaches, there are also various water activities that you can do such as surfing, whale diving and snorkeling.

So Sri Lanka is a country that has something for everyone. If you are gone, you will not be bored.


Traffic flows from the right in the country. Luckily there is almost no place to rent a car. Renting a car does not seem logical anyway, as tourists usually travel with a guide-driver and Sri Lankans have a crazy driving style. When you need it, public transport, taxis and those tuk-tuks that stand like a three-wheeled motor are everywhere. The cheapest is public transport and it’s really cheap.

Public transport

Public transportation has been a topic for us where we experienced all kinds of it. Instead of finding a guided driver that everyone, everyone wrote and even made, we just used public transportation. It is possible to travel all over the country by bus and train. If you have time, don’t worry about it anyway, you will definitely arrive at your destination. It is a bit slow, most of the means of public transportation, but you do not have to worry about traveling for 8 hours with a maximum of $ 2. Daily chauffeur-driven guide fees range from $ 65 to $ 75, while using public transport you will spend up to $ 5.

If you are going to use the bus or train, you may not find many resources on the internet that can help you, but when you get there, first of all, the people in your accommodation and then the ones at the bus or train station will help you. We always went asking and asking, sometimes we went to the bus terminal the day before and got general information, which was a great convenience.

There is only one ticket, the one you need to book before you go is the train between Kandy and Ella, which is called the most beautiful train journey in the world! Do not forget to make your reservation by calling one of the numbers in the section where it says daneat reservation, and from which station you plan to start your journey, by calling one of them and telling your date and the class you want to reserve. I will share the details of this journey as a separate article, but I wanted to write here as well, so you may know.

Disease Risk

There is no vaccine that you have to be shot as a must on your way to Sri Lanka. For example, we were not vaccinated. Of course, this does not mean that there is no risk. You may want to take precautions to avoid malaria. There are centers for travel health and you can go and get vaccinated by making your appointment at least a few weeks before your travel date or get the medications you need to take. When you search the internet and choose Sri Lanka, you can see which vaccinations are recommended.

Must Have With You

You do not only go to the country for sea, sand and sun, you need a few things if you are going to do a cultural tour.

It is forbidden to wear shoes or slippers to the temples you want to visit, whether it is scorching or hot. Since it is an open area, the places burn with a lot of sun. They don’t say anything to wearing socks. If you say what you have done, I said to my brain “don’t get my feet burned” because I enjoy walking barefoot. Really, I’m not kidding.
Of course, when entering these temples, you should have at least short sleeves on top of you and at least knee-length clothes below you. If you say that long dress burns in that heat, you can take a shawl with you. Maybe a t-shirt. It is necessary to close the arms and legs. You can get cold during the train journey, the tea fields are cool.
Fly spray
It can make you feel safe to buy a spray to protect yourself, and a separate spray for fly-insects you see or see around.
Anti-fly cream
There is no escape from the bites of flies, but they eat such a big red arm, leg. It doesn’t hurt, don’t be afraid, but the itch is bad. That’s why when you notice these, take a cream with you. Advantan always wrote to us doctor, it was good.
Don’t say this is Esra now. If you are going to use a bus for public transport, if you want to avoid hearing the loud banging music, it is better to play your own music with your own headphones. Music can be unpleasant after the early times.

Night Life

If you go to this island country on beach time, it offers you great beach parties. But when we were there it was pretty quiet. In the evenings, you can sit and spend time in a place with mostly music. Apart from that, there is no nightlife like we know.

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