What to Eat and Drink in Brazil? | 12 Local Food in Brazil

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We have compiled the tastes you should try in Brazil, which stands out with its food as well as its dances. “What to Eat in Brazil? What to Drink? ” Let’s take a look at our article together.

It is almost impossible not to gain weight in Brazil, where there are many different foods and drinks from the city’s street food to traditional flavors.

Foods and Drinks to Try in Brazil?

1- Feijoada

The most preferred traditional dish of Brazil is Feijoada. The meal made with the combination of black beans and pork is prepared in different ways according to the regions. Feijoada, served with rice pilaf, will cheer your palate with its traditional aroma.

2- Casquinha de Siri

Casquinha de Siri, one of the favorite flavors of Brazil, is a flavor made using seafood. You can see the magnificent harmony of the dominant flavors in this dish, where flavors such as palm oil, shrimp, tuna and garlic come together.

3- Vatapa

Drawing attention with its different appearance and consistency, Vatapa is one of the dishes in which shrimp is used. The flavor, which is a combination of coconut milk, peanut and palm oil, is one of Brazil’s popular dishes.

4- Caruru

Caruru, one of the indispensable flavors of Brazilian streets, is sold in many parts of the city. You can pour the spices you want on Caruru, where the kidney beans are rolled into balls and fried, and shape them according to your taste.

5- Pão de Queijo

You can consume Pao de Queijo, which is very easy to make and so delicious to eat, for breakfast, as sweet or savory, next to your coffee.

6- Acarajé

Acaraje, a traditional Brazilian dish, is served with fried dough stuffed. You can eat it with chicken or sausage if you want, or you can consume it with fried peppers and tomatoes.

7- Quindim

Every cuisine has a favorite flavor. Quindim, one of the most delicious desserts of Brazilian cuisine, is one of my favorite delicacies of Brazil. Composed of egg yolks, coconut and sugar, the dessert attracts attention with its appearance and taste.

8- Tacaca

If you like juicy dishes, Tacaca will fascinate you with its flavor. We recommend you to try Tacaca, which is a combination of dried shrimp and yellow peppers.

9- Moqueca

In Moqueca, which is formed by the perfect harmony of many materials; There are onions, fish, garlic, coconut milk, tomatoes and many other ingredients that we cannot count. If you want to be protected from diseases, you should taste this vitamin-filled soup.

10- Brigadeiros

Brigadeiros, the favorite dessert of chocolate lovers, made in tiny balls, is with you! You will not be able to get enough of the taste of the balls which are crunchy outside and cocoa and butter inside.

11- Cachaça

Cachaça, called “Brazilian rakı”, is one of the national drinks of the country with its hard drink. If you do not have a body that is resistant to alcohol, we recommend that you be very careful while drinking.

12- Caipirinha

Another traditional drink of Brazil is Caipirinha. The taste of the cocktail served with ice and lemon is quite popular.

You can share your ideas and opinions about what to eat in Brazil from the comments button below and you can be one of the developers of our article.

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