What It Takes to Be a Traveler: The Tricks of Exploring

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Being a traveler is not easy, but it is a lot of fun. Take a look at the life of travelers on a world tour or explorers who have discovered new places. You will find that they always face difficulties in their stories. The most important common point that makes them history is that they never get tired of difficulties.

There are many applications and methods to help travel nowadays. There are also many fast transportation methods for those who want to travel alone and get to know the world. So many of the important travel problems of the old times such as safety, health and transportation are left behind. One of the most important things to be a traveler nowadays is to be willing.

If you love following travelers on social media platforms, you can be like them. What you need to do is know what it takes to be a traveler. For example, knowing how to fill your backpack, taking care of travel and budget at the same time.

The Budget Issue: Making Money as a Traveler, But How?

Is it possible to live as a traveler? There are many questions about this subject. First of all, how will the budget issue be dealt with? Is it possible for people to travel the world without a budget? We give the answer: It is not possible. Even if you do not have a certain amount of money, you must have regular income in order to continue your travels.

Most travelers make a budget before traveling and save that money first. For example, a South America tourer needs at least $ 4000 when we include round-trip flight tickets. It is necessary to prepare the budget in advance, especially for extreme travels abroad.

Of course, it is possible to cover your accommodation and food expenses through voluntary work during your travels abroad. You can consult hostels and municipalities for volunteer work or apply for job postings by opening an account in the relevant apps (eg Helpx).

How Does Volunteering Work?

The voluntary work system works as follows: Employers who need short-term staff (such as employees to work in the field or staff to wash dishes) post advertisements in various places. In addition, if you have the necessary skills, it is possible to do caring, teaching, video design or wall painting. In return for voluntary work, your accommodation and food and beverage fees are covered.

On domestic travel, it is possible to travel free of charge by hitchhiking. In addition, accommodation and food expenses can be covered through voluntary work. By working in seasonal jobs (such as collecting tea or hazelnuts) in the Black Sea, you can take care of your eating and drinking expenses and even earn money.

Important: What Should Be in a Traveler’s Backpack?

Whether you are traveling around the world or traveling on a certain route domestically, your backpack should be both very ergonomic and capable of meeting all your needs. This is related to the fact that you have analyzed the features of your destination well and realized your needs. Click to see our Backpacking guide.

How to Look for a Good Backpack?

“What should be in a traveler’s backpack?” before asking “What should a good backpack look like?” It’s a good idea to answer the question. If you are planning to go on long-term trips, your backpack will be your best friend. A good backpack should have multiple compartments and can withstand even the harshest conditions. It should also be waterproof and made of light material.

The more you store the budget you have for the backpack, you are more likely to say, “I did good by buying this backpack” after using it for years. A quality backpack saves lives, especially if you are planning extreme trips that include long nature walks.

What People Living by Traveling Should Have in the Backpack?

What should be in the backpack to be a good traveler? First of all, let’s talk about technological tools. You will need a camera and a smart tablet or a small laptop. This topic is also about making money while traveling.

One way to make money while traveling is by becoming a travel blogger or making money on freelance jobs. It is possible to find freelance jobs in professional groups such as design, software, social media and writing. For that, you need a good camera and a smartphone or tablet.

Your second priority should be cleaning supplies. It’s impossible to find them, especially on nature travels. Toothbrush, toothpaste, mini shampoos, wet wipes… List your essentials for personal hygiene and always keep them in your bag. Do not forget to renew what is happening during your travel when you go to central places.

Suitable clothes selected according to the places you will travel. Also, wherever you go, it’s a good idea to have a raincoat with you.

A travel guide about your destination. Remember that you cannot always access the internet. In such moments, print sources work well.

If you are going on a nature trip, insect repellents and first aid materials are among the must-buy materials. You never know when the “moment” comes, but first aid supplies always save lives.

There should also be chargers you may need in your backpack. In addition, backup power units can be useful as an emergency measure when power is not available.

Before Setting Out: What Should Be Considered When Traveling?

You have made the big decision and you are ready to go. Well, have you decided where to go? Always take care of your own needs. When traveling, never get caught up in the ‘I’ll take care of it later’ mentality.

It is always good to read a traveler post about your destination. This way, you will have an idea of ​​what may come up, places you can see and events you can attend.

Pay attention to social relationships. Traveling is like an adventure movie, with many characters and opportunities. The stronger your communication with the local people, the easier it is for you to enjoy the benefits.

Always put safety first. For example, do not leave valuables in shared rooms or places that do not have a solid lock. Always take your precaution ahead of time, rather than regret later.

Avoid sharing hygiene items, clothes and slippers. Pay particular attention to the issue of slippers. It is always healthier to wear your own slippers.

Be solution oriented. It is very easy to get stuck in problems, the important thing is to have the practical intelligence to overcome them. When you encounter a problem, “Why did this happen?” Instead of asking “How can I handle it?” Focus on the question. Remember, sometimes life proceeds in an unquestionably random order.

Learn to say no. Having embarked on an adventure that will change your life does not require being in situations where you question the logic. Use the freedom to decline offers that are not suitable for you.

Do not carry all your cash on you. Cut into pieces as much as possible or use debit cards. Thus, your risk of encountering unwanted situations is reduced.

Always keep an emergency budget. You never know what will happen when. It always makes you feel comfortable to have a budget you can rely on somewhere for urgent returns.

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