What is CouchSurfing? How to Use Couch Surfing? 8 Important Details

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Couch Surfing is the world’s most popular hospitality platform. When I was in high school, I met a French man who went to his country hitchhiking from India. That was the first time I heard about couchsurfing.

When I went to my own home, I used couchsurfing actively to host people from all over the world at my home, show them around the city, tell about our culture.

Now I’m on a world tour and using couchsurfing, I’m visiting people’s homes in the country I go to. I know their cultures better, I eat their food, I touch their lives.

Couchsurfing system is a real blessing for travelers if used for its intended purpose. It is the largest solidarity platform of travelers to go and stay somewhere. In fact, I think couchsurfing is much more than what I have mentioned.

Write a Personal Message When Sending a Request on Couchsurfing

Usually, the mistakes we make when searching for hosts on couchsurfing is to write a single message at the beginning and send it to everyone living in that city with the logic of copy / paste. This is something that everyone understands easily.

For this reason, you can find a common point by reading the profile of the person to whom you will send a request (sports, music, philosophy, thought), you can include something in your message and establish a more intimate relationship.

You will be able to find a place more easily.

Couchsurfing Last Day Requests Often Result in Failure

Instead, if you contact your host at least a week before you go to that city, you will have a healthy communication with your host and make him include you in his plans for that week.

Use Polite Language When Writing Your Message and Say What You Want Clearly

While Couchsurfing is a place full of energetic open-minded people, using a kind descriptive language shows your respect for yourself and the other. Respect should always be at the forefront. Nobody pays attention to a message that begins with “what’s up dude”.

Mention Who You Are

The person to whom you send a request may not have the opportunity to open and review your profile, so be sure to mention who you are in your message. Provide references of what you are doing and where you can direct it if it wants more information. Facebook, Instagram, Blog…

Don’t get too attached to the reference in CS

You may think that reference is very important, the only place that gives confidence. People with many references in CS are people who have reached a certain level of satisfaction and have had the opportunity to meet all kinds of people. Therefore, choosing people with few references at the beginning of the road will both reinforce the excitement of that person and you will see more interest.

Be Different

It is very difficult to find hosts in CS, especially in popular cities. Luckily you are reading this article. So what do we mean by being different? Your trip, vacation or visit must have meaning and explain it in a beautiful way.

For example, saying “I’m doing a World Tour” and saying “I’ve been traveling the world for a long time xx after countries like India, Nepal, Cambodia.” There is a big difference between saying “My country is here and I want to get to know and discover here. I have examined your profile and I will be very happy to meet you on this journey.”

Gender Discrimination Reduces Your Chances

Generally, a “beautiful” woman or a “handsome” man is given priority, regardless of any other factor. If you use CS from this point of view, your search for a place to stay, from the eyes of the other person, will draw a profile that pursues different purposes rather than meeting new people. This is another form of request sending that results in failure.

Be Sincere When Filling Out Your Profile

Nothing you write there is not your CV, but to give information about you to the person who will take you home. So if you use sincere language, the energy you feel will open more doors to you.

If you say “I can’t stay in a stranger’s house, isn’t there a better place?” and if you want it to be cheap. Go to Agoda or HostelWorld. You list it from cheap to expensive. Sometimes it is possible to find accommodation for 3-4 dollars a night. Especially if you are in the Asian area.

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