Top 7 Sights in Zimbabwe

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The landlocked country in the south of Africa will quickly impress you with its diverse landscapes. Besides the famous Victoria Falls, there is so much more to discover! Plan your trip with our list of the top 7 sights in Zimbabwe.

Get up close to the wildlife, discover the largest reservoir or be enchanted by the capital – what you should not miss in Zimbabwe, you will learn in this article.

1- Capital Harare

You start your trip as so often in the capital of the country. Harare is the cultural and economic center of Zimbabwe and is located at an altitude of about 1,500 meters. Despite a large population, the capital is less hectic than you might expect.

The best places to visit are the Harare Gardens and its exotic flower beds or the nearby National Gallery. But you don’t have to visit the purpose-built gardens to marvel at the floral splendor. All of Harare is dotted with jacaranda trees, which give the avenues a vibrant purple hue, especially in the rainy season.

2- Victoria Falls

Over a width of 1,708 meters, millions and millions of liters of water fall 110 meters into the depths. The Victoria Falls thus form the widest waterfall in the world.

Bungee jumping, ziplining, white water rafting or a canoe tour? Which adventure suits you? The sight of Victoria Falls is framed by a wide variety of activities, making the trip that much more exciting! By the way, between September and December you have the best view of the natural spectacle!

3- Great Zimbabwe

The journey continues to the “Great Stone Houses,” which Great Zimbabwe translates from the local language. Once the largest kingdom south of the Sahara, today it is the oldest and largest pre-colonial stone building in Africa.

In the ruined city, you’ll encounter the country’s history. It’s best to have a guide lead you through Great Zimbabwe, so you’ll learn all the important details in addition to the sights.

4- Dam Kariba

Next, the largest reservoir on earth awaits you: the Kariba Dam. It also bears another title, namely it is the largest man-made reservoir.

Especially on the southern shore, the Kariba represents an important habitat for a variety of animals. By the way, this area is under nature protection. The dam impounds the border river Simbesi, of which you will learn more later in the article.

5- Eastern Highlands

Tea plantations as far as the eye can see, waterfalls and hills line the 300 kilometer long mountain range. When you think of Africa, the image of a desert is more likely to come to mind. This is not the case in the Eastern Highlands.

In the midst of lush greenery, you can enjoy the peace and quiet and really switch off. A visit to a tea factory is especially exciting. You will get an authentic impression of the life of the locals.

6- Hwange National Park

Now it’s getting animalistic! What would be a trip in Africa without a safari? The best place to go is Zimbabwe’s largest and most important national park. Hwange is particularly impressive with its population of elephants.

The national park offers a huge network of trails that stretches over 500 kilometers. Here you will follow the tracks of elephants, but also giraffes, leopards and meet countless bird species.

7- Border River Zambezi

You will discover plenty of bird species at the last sight of the list, namely in the Lower Zambezi National Park. It is located on the banks of the Zambezi River, which with a length of 2,574 kilometers is the fourth longest river in Africa.

In its course, the body of water shows itself from many different sides. The Zambezi starts out modestly and increases in width as tributaries flow in. The river gradually meets the Cuando. The crowning glory is the fall into the gorge, also known as the Victoria Falls.

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