Top 10 Sights in Argentina

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Sights in Argentina

If you are looking for adventure, variety and breathtaking natural spectacles, you will love the country of Argentina. Argentina itself is one of those great nations of the subcontinent that is still largely unknown by Europeans. Yet the country has so many beauties and varied observations to offer. Insanely beautiful mountain landscapes, great and diverse primeval forests, wild coasts and lonely steppes, glacier regions and lakes. Especially active travelers will find their happiness in Argentina and experience all sorts of new things, discover and hold forever in their thoughts.

Buenos Aires – The capital of Argentina

The Argentine capital is also called the “Paris of the South” by the locals, after all, the tango was invented here, no, it is at home there. The colorful houses and the flair of the artist alleys invite you to marvel and fall in love. Recoleta or San Telmo would be further districts, for which a visit is worthwhile. You should visit the great museums and other sights.

The Waterfalls of Iguazú

Breathtaking natural wonders as they could not be more beautiful are at home in Argentina. And it is here that the famous Iguazú Falls are located. They are formed by the river of the same name and eventually plunge more than 70 meters into the depths. Vacationers can approach the waterfalls on the developed paths and admire probably the most impressive natural spectacle of the country. And for the very brave, you can also approach the waterfalls from a boat. The Devil’s Gorge, as they are also called by the locals, is now quite close.

The Gorge of Jujuy

The 150 kilometers long gorge is located in the province of Jujuy and is also called the Quebrada de Humahuaca. Real colorful vegetation is not to be found there, but this would also disturb the colorful rocks. The mountain of the seven colors is one of the most beautiful mountains in this region and is an absolute sight to see.

The Settlements of the Jesuits

Some settlements in Argentina were created by the Jesuits for the indigenous Guarani people. They offered protection from persecution and robbery, but were also built under Christian religious views. They are mostly located in the northeast of Argentina. You should visit San Ignacio Mini or Santa Maria la Mayor.

Talampaya National Park

Also in the northwest of Argentina is an incredibly impressive desert landscape. Different rocks rise impressively and almost artfully from the dry ground. The parks themselves are known for their rocks, in which still some fossils from the times of the dinosaurs slumber. Other finds also move mankind and impress.

The Swamplands of Argentina

In the northeast there is a large, very swampy area that extends to Brazil and Paraguay. Here live various species of birds, capybaras and turtles, but also the not entirely harmless crocodiles and foxes. If you are looking for adventure, you will be amazed by these areas.


The second largest city in Argentina is called Córdoba and is an absolute sight to see. Here many buildings from the colonial times can be marveled at, as well as a great cathedral and the former residence of the king.

The Viticulture of Argentina

Argentina is also no stranger to the world because of its tasty wine. From the city, visitors can visit the great wineries and take part in guided wine tastings. Many wine festivals are held here during the grape harvest, including the traditional election of the wine queen during this time.

The Tierra del Fuego

The Tierra del Fuego also belongs to Argentina, to get there you have to take a trip to the sea and hike through the famous Tierra del Fuego National Park. From here, guests now have a great view of the sea lion colonies that are native there.

Food and drink

Argentina serves the typical Argentine national dish, a stew of corn, vegetables and of course meat, almost everywhere. In many areas this stew, called locro, is the main food. It is usually accompanied by potato salad or tomatoes. Argentina is a specialist in meat preparation and knows how to make delicious empanadas, dumplings with different meat fillings. And then, of course, there is the wine, which must not be missing from any dish in Argentina.

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