Top 10 Places of Interest in Ecuador

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Places of Interest in Ecuador

On the west coast of South America, directly on the equator, is the independent country of Ecuador. Here you can expect a very diverse landscape, large jungle areas and islands with species-rich wildlife. Magnificent sights can of course also be found in the capital of Ecuador, Quito. Of course, a trip is worthwhile, especially if you appreciate nature, want to discover something new and love adventure. Then this part of South America should not be missed. Great destinations, unique impressions and diverse scenes await tourists. And none of them should be missed, even if you probably can’t experience everything you should during one vacation.

The Market of Otavalo

This market is almost a must-see if you want to travel to beautiful Ecuador. For example, the town of Otavalo is located about two hours north of the capital and is surrounded by three volcanoes. Of course, if you are into the natural spectacle of volcanoes, this is also a great experience. Nevertheless, the largest indigenous market in South America is also located here. Colorful fabrics, unique handicrafts and fabulous quality work.

Lake Cuicocha – Guinea Pig Lake

In a collapsed volcanic crater lies the so-called Guinea Pig Lake, as it is also called Caldera. The view from the crater rim is unique and even a round trip by boat would be possible. Thus one can drive around the complete crater on about twenty kilometers in a relaxed way, which however already involves a day’s walk of about 6 hours. Of course, shorter walks along the crater rim are also possible.

In The Center of The World

If you have always wondered where the center of the earth is, you might finally see it in Ecuador. The center of the world is marked by a large Inca sundial, hard to miss.

The Capital of Ecuador

Quito is of course a great sight with many individual surprises. If you want to have a closer look at it, you should take a few days for it. It is at the same time the highest capital city with one of the largest old towns at all. Longer hikes to the nearest volcanoes are also possible.

Thermal bath – Termas de Papallacta

We know thermal baths also in Europe, but with a less impressive view like here in Ecuador. So if you are still looking for a relaxing end of your trip, you should visit the hot springs of the thermal baths. Termas de Papallacta belongs to a hotel of the same name.

Cayambe-Coca National Park

There is plenty of time to relax in Ecuador, including in Cayambe-Coca National Park, one of the most beautiful in Ecuador. Hiking enthusiasts should not miss a visit. The Papallacta thermal baths are not far from the national park, making it the perfect place to relax after an exhausting day of hiking. Comfortable hiking trails, passing waterfalls and lagoons make the hikes something really great anyway.

The Quilotoa Crater

Probably the most beautiful view can be had from the viewing platforms of Quilotoa Crater. The big crater borders on a great lake, the panorama simply cannot be put into words. The new viewpoint Shalala is still quite unknown, so that even a few romantic minutes can be found here. Wow, you just can’t miss this view.

A ride with the Tren Crucero

Riding a train may not be as nice as walking through the countryside, but you see as much as possible. A ride on the Tren Crucero is one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. Within three days the train travels from Quito to Guayaquil. During the trip you will see memorable landscapes and vegetation of different climatic zones. Panoramas that simply impress. So don’t forget your camera and capture impressions as much as possible.

The Inca ruins of Ingapirca

A bit away from Cuenca, there are the famous Inca ruins. They are one of the most important Inca sites in Ecuador. Beautiful fortresses and cult sites can be admired. Unique architecture and impressive seamless walls await visitors. A worthwhile day trip with breathtaking views.

Cuenca – City visit and old town

The city of Cuenca is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is definitely worth a visit here, especially because of the great architecture and cathedrals that create an insanely beautiful atmosphere. Delicious restaurants, relaxed cafes and unique impressions make a day trip here perfect.

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