The Most Beautiful Beaches in Mexico – Top 10

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Most Beautiful Beaches in Mexico

Mexico surrounds besides the borders with Guatemala, Belize and the USA only coasts with thousands of beautiful beaches.

1- Beach of Tulum

Even the ancient Maya knew exactly where it was beautiful, so they built their fortress of Tulum right on a beautiful but tiny sandy beach. A little further south, however, there are other beaches that stretch for miles along the coast and are also enormous in width. Offshore coral reefs protect the beaches on the Riviera Maya, which is why the swell is very calm and waves appear only occasionally. All in all, a top beach for swimming and relaxing, with a top Mexican sight in the background.

2- Playa Norte – Isla Mujeres

Crystal clear waters and pure white sand beaches are the main selling points of the northern beach of Isla Mujeres, which attracts many snorkelers and divers for good reason. On some parts of the beach there are delicious restaurants and fun bars, where it can get hot in high season. Unfortunately not an insider tip anymore, but still worth a short vacation! The best way to reach the island is via the tourist trap Playa del Carmen on the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula.

3- Playa del Amor, Pelican & El Chileno – Cabo San Lucas

At the southernmost tip of Lower California, the long peninsula in western Mexico, lies the city of Cabo San Lucas. Near it are two extraordinary beaches that are a must-see. On the Playa del Amor , which means beach of love English, stands the rocky arch El Arco, which is flooded by water at high tide. Playa Pelican is enclosed by immense rocks, so it offers a unique scenery. The beach El Chileno is especially captivating because of its golden color and its fineness, the warmth of the water is very well regulated by the confluence of the Cortes Sea and the Pacific Ocean. So, with more than 350 days of sunshine a year, it’s a great place to be.

4- Beach of Acapulco

This beach used to be visited by stars like Elisabeth Taylor and Elvis Presley, Hollywood stars used to come here – but here you can find everything an exclusive heart desires. The proximity to the big city of Acapulco offers the traveler gourmet restaurants and luxury hotels of every kind. Especially inviting are also the adventurous cliffs from which you can jump into the sea. But this seaside resort also has its dark side. With more than 1,000 murders per year, Acapulco recently ranked second among the most murderous cities in the world, behind San Pedro Sula in Honduras. So caution is advised!

5- Beach of Nuevo Vallarta

The beach of Nuevo Vallarta, a tourist spot near the colonial city of Puerto Vallarta, is not only popular with vacationers – the Caguama turtle (or loggerhead turtle) also loves this little idyll for laying its eggs. Unfortunately, recently it happened more and more often that their eggs were stolen, as they are considered a delicacy by some locals. Behind the beach north of the town there is also a small lake with quite a few wading birds, which can be easily observed there.

6- Playa de Balandra – La Paz

Somewhat remote, but still only a few kilometers from the small town of La Paz in Baja California, you will find Balandra Beach in a desert-like area. Barren rock formations rise from the ground in the background, while the very shallow and turquoise waters of the local bays invite you to splash around all year round. If you are looking for relaxation and solitude and don’t necessarily need a lot of infrastructure, this is the right place for you.

7- Playa La Ropa – Zihuatanejo

La Ropa beach near Zihuatanejo is popular with sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts alike. At lunchtime and even better in the evening, you should sit down here in one of the numerous seafood and fish restaurants and enjoy the sunset. A nice, albeit very short, hike leads over the cliffs to Playa Madera and downtown with beautiful views of the bay. The rock formations on the slopes of the coast are also very impressive.

8- Beaches of Isla Cozumel and Isla Holbox

Besides Isla Mujeres, these two islands are the best destinations from the Riviera Maya. A fine underwater world offers divers an impressive setting with endless fish and corals. Palancar Reef and some shipwrecks are just a few diving spots to mention. While Cozumel is very well developed for tourism for the many day trippers who come by ferry from Playa del Carmen, Holbox does not even have real roads – cars are still not found here. The beaches of Isla Holbox, littered with thousands of shells, are therefore still a little insider tip.

9- Playa Zicatela – Puerto Escondido

Zicadela beach, with picturesque grasses and cacti in the hinterland, is one of the hot spots for surfers in Mexico. The waves here are perfect for surfing, especially between April and November, which is why competitions in this sport are held here every year. In the 70s, the small town was a hippie stronghold, so there is a somewhat alternative wind blowing here in terms of lifestyle. Budget accommodations and comfort hotels are a dime a dozen here, although the construction of hotel castles has yet to take place. With a size somewhere between Acapulco and Puerto Ángel, the city is just right for tourists for whom the two extremes are too big or too small and are rather looking for the middle ground.

10- Beaches of Cancun and Playa del Carmen

Last but not least, the beaches of Cancún and Playa del Carmen, among the most popular vacation destinations for North Americans, cannot be missing from this list, of course. No question, they are gorgeous, but since they are so overpopulated by tourists in the high season, they only made it to the last place. Parties as well as alcohol and drug consumption are of course omnipresent here; so if you want to spend a quiet vacation, you should rather stay away from the Ballermann of the Caribbean.


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