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Inspiring artists such as Salvador Dali, Picasso, Gaudi and Eduardo Chillida, Spain is completely painting-like. How would you like to take a look at the cities that await you in Spain, where picturesque images are intertwined with a deep-rooted history? Here is the list of places to visit in Spain that we have prepared for you …

Having a coast to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, one of the most beautiful and big cities in Western Europe, Spain embraces both a deep-rooted history and a unique nature.

This country, which has hosted many civilizations in different periods from the Phoenicians to the Greeks, from the Arabs to the Empire, offers a huge geography to visit thanks to its beautiful cities.

Exploring this culture thanks to places to visit in Spain makes you feel like you are making a journey in history.

Spain Travel List

You will surely find a route that appeals to you in Spain, which warms you with its climate and offers an endless library experience to its visitors thanks to its passion for culture and arts; You will not be able to get enough of touring these lands that conquer everyone’s hearts with its history, culture, gastronomy and nature.


1. Barcelona

Barcelona, ​​memorable with Sagrada Familia; Park Güell, Casa Mila and Casa Batllo, which reflect Gaudi’s art; La Rambla Street, where the heart of the city beats; Picasso Museum, where you can examine Picasso’s works, offers many popular stops to visit, including Barcelona Aquarium located near Port Vell and Nou Camp, the shrine of FC Barcelona, ​​one of the best football clubs in the world.


2. Madrid

The capital Madrid, which is indispensable for the list of places to visit in Spain, has the power to take you on a cultural and artistic journey from the Prado Museum, famous for its artworks and collections, to the Royal Palace of Madrid, from the Almudena Cathedral to the Debod Temple belonging to the ancient Egyptian culture.

You can start your tour from Puerta del Sol in Madrid, which is home to many museums with collections of art-loving businessmen; You can taste the flavors of Spain in the cafes and restaurants in the square.

3. Cordoba

Cordoba, one of the historical cities of Spain, is one of the stops with the traces of the past; In this city, which has hosted many different religions in history, architects such as the Kurtuba Mosque, Roman Bridge, Synagogue and Andalusian Museum prove this.

The colorful Old Town Street, Viana Museum and the Royal Palace, which has been preserved since the 8th century, are among the places to visit in Cordoba.

4. Granada

Granada, known as Gırnata, is known as a Spanish city that still carries traces of Islamic culture, especially in terms of architecture, and is remembered for its famous Alhambra Palace.

Reflecting the ancient cultural texture of Albayzin, Granada offers a wide route from the city’s square Plaza Nueva to Granada Cathedral, which you can visit, from the visually wonderful Generalife Gardens to the Sacromonte Quarter, which attracts attention with its picturesque view.

5. Sevilla

Located in today’s Andalusia Region, Sevilla is among the most visited cities in Spain today, thanks to its historical heritage.

Alcazar Palace and Plaza de Espana clearly reflect this harmonious structure of the city in Seville, where Islamic culture is also felt in architecture.

With Maria Luisa Park, Seville Cathedral and Torre del Oro, an observation tower, Seville, Spain, one of the most beautiful cities in the country, is among the places to visit.

6. Valencia

Valencia, founded by the Roman Empire and representing power with its name and texture, is a timeless city that can keep pace with modern life while preserving its traditional structure.

This historical city, which stands out as it keeps the past alive as it is today, is also home to warm scenes of nature, a turquoise sea, beaches and entertainment.

Valencia Cathedral, Turia Gardens, Ceramic and Decorative Arts Museum, Torres de Quart and Llotja de la Seda are among the places to see in Valencia.

7. Toledo

Toledo, which has remained under the rule of different civilizations over time, offers a rich cultural heritage due to the different civilizations it has witnessed in the past.

Housing many historical buildings such as Santa Maria Cathedral, Toledo Palace, Santa Cruz Museum, El Transito Synagogue and El Salvador Church, Toledo presents the historical texture of Spain in its most traditional form.


8. Bilbao

The sleeping beauty of the Basque Country, Bilbao, together with the Guggenheim Museum it hosts, is a port city that lives in the renaissance period.

Bilbao, which you can explore starting from Nueva Square, from the Fine Arts Museum to the Begona Basilica, from the Reproductions Museum to St. Anthony the Great Church.It embraces many places to visit and see until 


9. Ibiza

Another must-have route on your list of places to visit in Spain is Ibiza! Ibiza, which you should not ignore because it is an island, is connected to Spain and is perfect for a sea holiday with its deep blue sea and unique beaches.

You should definitely visit the beaches of Cala Comte, Port de Sant Miguel and Cala Saladeta in Ibiza, which we can call the temple of parties and festivals, and also visit the Old Town.

10. Cádiz

Cádiz, another of Spain’s port cities, deserves to be explored by being the starting point of flamenco music and the great history it embraces, even though it has been overshadowed by many famous Spanish cities.


The Cádiz Museum, which offers a wide range of contemporary art works to archaeological findings, Cádiz Cathedral, the church of St. Felipe Neri and the Saint Sebastian Castle in the middle of the sea are among the places you can visit.

11. Zaragoza

Zaragoza, located in the Aragon Region, is famous for the Pilar Festival and attracts attention with La Seo Cathedral, Pilar Basilica, where baroque architecture takes place, Aljaferia Palace, famous for its embroidery-like architecture, and Goya Museum.

You can choose Zaragoza for cultural excursions, especially in spring and autumn.

12. Mallorca

Mallorca, which means “Big Island” in Latin, stands out as the largest of the islands of Spain and being a touristic holiday destination, as well as being a deep-rooted land with a life dating back to the Paleolithic Age.

With Palma Cathedral, Es Baluard, Cape Formentor and Ses Paisses where you can witness prehistoric ruins, Mallorca is among the most interesting routes in the list of places to visit in Spain.


13. Malaga

Malaga, a coastal city, is located in the Andalusia Region and is known as the “Sun Beach” due to its geographic location, as well as hosting millions of tourists with its enchanting nature.


Famous for its beaches such as Malagueta, Pedregalejo and Palo as it is a port area, this city also offers historical buildings to see with Gibralfaro Castle, Plaza de Toros and Malaga Cathedral.


14. Almeria

Although the city of Almeria, which cools people with its beaches despite its warm climate, stands out as a world-famous greenhouse center, it also offers its visitors places to visit with many historical architectural structures such as Alcazaba Castle, Almeria Cathedral and Almeria Museum.

15. Canary Islands

The Canary Islands, which offer a magnificent image with the combination of green and blue colors, are exactly the kind that reflects their name; Complementing its colorful texture with festivals and famous nightlife, Canary Islands serve a perfect nature with three different national parks named Timanfaya, Garajonay and Caldera de Taburiente.

If you are looking for a fun Spain holiday where you can spend time with the sea and nature, this region fully meets the expectations.

Throughout the article on places to visit in Spain, I tried to share information and photos about places to visit and see in Spain, one of the leading countries in Europe.
Have a nice trip.

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