Poland’s Most Beautiful and Sorrowful City; Krakow

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Krakow is one of the three largest cities in Poland, we call it old but this city was almost completely destroyed during World War II. Unfortunately, the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps showed us the greatest destruction that World War II did in and around this city. 

Approximately 1 million people were killed in these camps. Some were killed in the gas chambers, some were killed by being shot. I will not touch this issue further, I will detail the information about the concentration camp later in the article, but for those who want to learn more about World War II and the situation of Poland, the documentary called Color Images of World War II on Netflix and They can watch movies of Life is Beautiful, The Pianist, Schinler’s List.

If we go back to Krakow, I will talk about the city in a different style that I have used in my other articles in this article. I spent 2 days in Krakow and I will talk about the city and the places I visited by telling these days. We went to Krakow by Polski Bus bus from Wroclaw with my Erasmus team. The bus journey takes approximately 3 hours and a ticket costs 35 zloty.

When we went to Krakow, the first thing we did was naturally settling in our hostel. We have made reservations for 2-person rooms with approximately 100 zloty per person per night. We were in a central location as well. After settling in the hostel, we went to a restaurant and had dinner. If you happen to be in Poland, I recommend you the pierogi, especially the one with potatoes, which is my favorite. After the meals, we set out for the Hardwell concert, which was our main purpose of coming to the city. Our team consisted of 7-8 people in total, but I think there were 3 people who listened to Hardwell before. But thanks to my friend, he convinced us all in some way and took us to the concert. The concert was generally better than I expected. It could have been better without the arguments I had with my girlfriend. We bought concert tickets at a price of approximately 100 zloty. 

After the concert, half drunk, we all went to the city center, ate our burgers at mc donalds and returned to our hostel as a party classic.

Nazi Concentration camp

On our second day in Krakow, we went to the concentration camps. I don’t remember exactly how we went because it has been nearly 3 years, but you can go by bus from the city center. As you enter the camp, a letter welcomes you at the door. Although I can’t remember exactly, it should be an article like “working liberates people”. You realize how big a lie this is while visiting the camp, you feel bad while visiting the concentration camp, the gas chambers, the cells. 

The belongings of the people who died here 75 years ago are still there. You get emotional the more you see, there were even those in the group we visited who felt bad and couldn’t continue.

After a 3-hour camping tour, we got on the bus and returned to the city center. While waiting for the departure time of the bus to Wroclaw to our home in the city center, we toured a little more and then bid farewell to Poland’s saddest city.

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