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New York Travel Guide

American Dream, Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, Capital of the World and many more adjectives. They all belong to New York City, which duly bears all its titles. I have prepared a long-term travel guide for the city of dreams, New York, where Indians once lived.

– New York is a city with 5 parts. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.

– With its 24-hour metro, it has received the title of The City That Never Sleeps.

– Approximately 170 languages are spoken in the city.

– One in three people was born in a country other than the USA.

– You are expected to tip between 15-20% in restaurants and cafes.

– You can use all the restaurants, cafes and hotels you see for the toilet.

Airport Transportation: John F. Kennedy Airport – Manhattan

  • Taxi: 50-60 USD
  • Shuttle: 20 USD
  • Metro: Take the “Air Train” to Jamaica Station. Although the Air Train is free, you will need to buy a Metro Card for 5 USD while getting off. You can reach Manhattan by taking the subway from Jamaica by E train.

Local Transportation:

  • Taxi: The most expensive means of transport. You can pay by credit card or cash. It is necessary to tip around 10% on taxis.
  • Bus: It is a cheap means of transportation. We used it from time to time. Cash, metrocard, ticket passes are usable.
  • Metro: The 24-hour metro is a great thing. If you are going to stay in New York for 4-5 days and instead of walking everywhere, I recommend you to buy a Metrocard by paying 30 USD per person per week. Otherwise, you have to pay 3 USD for each ride. And of course the thing we prefer most in every journey is on foot. You can discover a city best on foot. New York is perfect for this.

Accommodation: This is the most troublesome part of the job. We are the luckiest point. Why is it troubled? Because New York hotels are both incredibly expensive and incredibly bad. Let me give you an example to be more enlightening. There’s a hotel with luggage in NYC. There is a device at the entrance to this hotel in Manhattan, it takes your luggage and lifts it to a bunch of tiny little ones standing on top of each other. Because the room is too small to put even a suitcase!

If you want a hotel in central locations in Manhattan, consider a minimum $ 200 per night. A different alternative Airbnb may be. For example; Upper East Side is the most luxurious area of ​​Manhattan and our friends rented a beautiful house here for 600 USD for 4 nights. Why were we lucky? Because we stayed in Secaucus city in New Jersey state, which can be reached by a single bus to Manhattan, which is superb for traveling but too bad for accommodation.

There were alternatives to travel cheap. So, should we get the NY City Pass or the New York Pass or not?

New York Pass, 9/11 Memorial Museum, American Museum of Natural History, Empire State Building, Madame Tussauds offers free entry to places such as MOMA, Radio City Music Hall tour, Guggenheim Museum, Statue of Liberty, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Top of the Rock, and not waiting in line.

Below, I list the real prices of these Museums and the must-see places one by one. Think accordingly. You decide the result yourself, but we chose not to buy it, although everyone was blaring to buy it, but we did everything, we did not regret it.

The price changes according to how many days you buy tickets.

  • Empire State Building: $ 32 – Definitely a must go. SPECTACULAR VIEW! Follow the Manhattan Skyline.
  • American Museum Of Natural History: They say $ 25, but donations are accepted. We gave a total of $ 5. Even more than 1 cents given by tourists .. It should definitely be visited.
  • The Metropolitan Museum Of Art: They say $ 25, but donations are accepted. We gave $ 1 per person. It should definitely be visited. You can review the works to be seen by clicking here before going.
  • Moma (The Museum Of Modern Art): $ 25 – It’s free only on Fridays between 16:00 and 19:00, so it’s quite a queue. – Absolutely.
  • Top Of The Rock: $ 25 – If you’re going to Empire, you don’t have to go here. The view here is great as it appears in Empire from Rock, but I think Empire should be your priority while you’re gone.
  • Guggenheim Museum: $ 22
  • Statue Of Liberty & Ellies Island: $ 17 – I think there is no need to go. As I explained in detail in the Travel Guide section, you can see the Statue of Liberty with the free ferry. Going to the island means waiting in a long queue and what will you do
  • there
  • Madame Tussauds: 39 $ – I don’t know if you have been to other countries, but Madame Tussauds in NYC was the most successful. We did not go because we did not have an event, “Oh, we should definitely go, we should have photos taken with wax sculptures of celebrities”.
  • NBC Studio Tours: 25 $ – Not necessarily, I’ll explain in detail in the article.

There is also a Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour chat. If you want to take a city tour with open-top and double-decker buses, get off at many stops and then ride again, you can buy them for a separate fee. This is a bit open to bargaining. If you want, try your luck at the sellers in the city center, you can already get it online.

Travel Guide: Manhattan consists of 3 regions. Uptown, Midtown and Downtown. I divide the places to visit according to regions so that you can share them according to how many days you will stay. If you give at least 1 day to each of the 3 parts and you do not eat or drink, you will only have a good trip. I think NYC can be visited at least in 5 days. That is full tempo too. If you are going to the Woodberry shopping event I will talk about later, you have to put in 1 day just for it. We have reserved 7 days for New York.

CHAPTER 1: Uptown

CENTRAL PARK: Enter Central Park across 5th Avenue Apple Store. Of course, before you enter, visit the Glass Cube-looking Apple Store. When you go down the ladder, you will see hundreds of people interested in Apple products. This is the amusement park of the technology world. When we were there, Iphone 7 had just been released and a world of people were waiting to make a reservation while out. When it is your turn to book, the model & color you want may not be available. What does it matter? The capitalist order makes you mind another model.

Anyway we entered Central Park, oh my God! People live here, friends. Those who run, kids, those who go out of work and have lunch they brought from home, ride bikes… It is incredible to have such a place in the heart of Manhattan. If you have time, spend your day there like a New Yorker. Sleep in the grass, observe.

Inside the Central Park, there is an Alice statue, a zoo, ponds, the field where Manhattan Buildings can be seen, and many more. There is no end in sight, but at least try to see what I counted. You can rent a bicycle and travel this way.

METROPOLITAN MUSEUM / MET: When you walk from Central Park to the Upper East Side on 5th street, you you will see. MET is an incredibly large museum. If you give your weeks, you cannot finish it. For this reason, choose the area you want to visit the most. Our preference was the Africa & Oceania Department and the Modern Arts Department. We’ve already visited other sections while going in and out of these. Many New Yorkers sit and have a drink on the Met’s stairs. You do it too, very enjoyable. You can buy hot dogs from hot dogs across the street.

MCGEE’s PUB: How I Met Your Mother’s cafe, we learned that the producers were inspired by this bar, but actually the series didn’t take place here, it was shot in the studio. A disappointment, a sadness. We sat down and gave ourselves to beer, what shall we do?

AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY: American Museum of Natural History: The museum where Ross worked in the TV series Friends. Everyone has come with their children. Science flows from every corner. Complete school trip location. The answer to all questions about sea creatures, plants, animals, people, space, the big bang universe you can think of is in this museum. I do not exaggerate, this is the museum I have enjoyed the most in my life. We participated in a 3D film that started with BIG BANG and depicted the stages of the universe until today. The movie release takes you on a tour in stages that are divided into years. Don’t miss out!

HARLEM TOUR: We did a tour by car. Check it out if you have time. Maybe you can even go to a show there one evening. Harlem is now a safe zone. 


CHAPTER 2: Midtown

BRYANT PARK & NEW YORK PUBLİC LIBRARY: On the day you visit Midtown, have your breakfast in Bryant Park.

you can start the day. Hundreds of people do Yoga at the same time on certain days in this park. At the bottom is the New York Public Library. Actually this New York Public Library is everywhere, but it is the most famous and magnificent. For this reason, you can enter and tour everywhere provided that you are silent.

GRAND CENTRAL STATION: Again, as in every American movie, if there is a farewell, sadness, travel scene, it was shot here.

ROCKEFELLER CENTER: The imperial castle as we know it from the 30 Rock series. The sparkling ice skating place we see in movies during Christmas time in winter is located right here. It is covered with flags of the whole world. You find your own flag and take a photo.



NBC STÜDYOSU & RADİO CİTY MUSİC HALL: Late Night with David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, Late Night

Where popular television shows like with Jimmy Fallon are also filmed. There are also tours to visit these, but I think there is no need.

TİMES SQUARE: This was the first place we set foot on the night we landed in New York. Both the night and the day. As if there can never be calmness and silence in these square meters. Lights, live life is a very different square.

Sit on the red stairs and enjoy the Disney Store and M&M’s. Line up at the TKTS booths just below the stairs and chase cheap tickets for the Broadway musicals.

MADAME TUSSAUDS: The museum where you can see the wax sculptures of famous people. When you walk through the Times, it will come out.



EMPIRE STATE: You must go to the Empire State. But ABSOLUTELY! There are a few conditions but to make it perfect. Air must be open, you have to go in line at about 5-6 o’clock so that you can see it before sunset, do the sunset, watch the night lights and of course be in the front row while doing these. If you arrive a little early, you can enjoy the happy hour and have 1-2 beers at the Heartland Brewery between 4-6 o’clock., located right at the entrance of the building.

IRON FLAT: A must see building associated with New York. That’s the name because it looks like an iron.

CHELSEA MARKET & HIGH LINE: And this is such a beautiful place! There are many shops inside. You buy the food you want from them as Take Away. You buy your wine from somewhere. Then don’t get enough of the conversation in a corner. There is a place where seafood is also great. Shrimps, oysters, crabs are waiting for you. You are in the High Line when you leave the Chelsea Market (they will show you if you ask) and when you climb the stairs. This is a way to walk on buildings. It is full of flowers and landscaping. Many architecture students come here and draw all day. You can take a walk here and look over New York.


MUSEUM OF MODERN ART (MOMA): Museum of Modern Art: Don’t come without seeing Van Gogh’s Starry Night at the museum where modern artworks are exhibited.


CHAPTER 3: Downtown



CHINATOWN & LITTLE ITALY: When you pass Chinatown, you will enter a street and find yourself in Italy. Little Italy, based on lively, eating and drinking, stretches all the way.


ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER: World Trade Center: The building that was built to show the power of America instead of the Twin Towers destroyed on September 11th. It pierces the heavens. If you wish, you can go to the top with a reservation.

BATTERY PARK: This park is the perfect resting place as you will be tired from the Wall Street tour.

STATEN ISLAND FERRY: Statue of Liberty: Since Staten Island is a bit far from the city center, the state has put in a free ferry to encourage residency there. I don’t think you need to take any tour and go to the island for the Statue of Liberty. Get on the ferry departing from the end of Battery Park, and when you land on Staten Island, get out and get on the ferry again.

BROOKLYN BRIDGE: This magnificent gothic bridge, which connects Manhattan and Brookyln, was completed in 1883 and accepted as the 8th wonder of the world, is open to both cars and pedestrians. So what does that mean? You can walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn at sunset on this bridge and hit the bottom of the scenery and take pictures. Romance flows!

The story is as follows: When it was decided to build a bridge to connect Brooklyn and Manhattan, John A. Roebling, the owner of the world’s largest cable manufacturing company, started working on the project. He had an accident and died while deciding where to install. His son Washington Roebling was appointed chief engineer on his project. In 1870, bridge work started. The “tragic” story of Brooklyn Bridge has picked up where it left off, and Washington Roebling has become bedridden by being profited while working in underwater chambers. It is up to John’s bride, Washington’s wife Emily, to maintain this project. Emily acted as an intermediary between her husband and the construction site, allowing her husband to manage the project. The last 10 years of the bridge construction, which took a total of 13 years, progressed in this way and when it came to 1883, the bridge was opened with a magnificent ceremony. However, the fact that he killed a total of 27 people during the construction work led to the rumor that he was “ominous” about the bridge. A herd of elephants was passed on this beautiful bridge, which emerged with a serious budget of 15 million dollars, to instill trust in the public and succeeded.

Subway: Manhattan, trains 4,5 and 6 – City Hall stop


WOODBURY COMMON PREMIUM OUTLET: It is 1 hour away from New York. You can take a bus from Port Authority, New York’s bus terminal. The fee is $ 40. The buses give you a coupon book and with these coupons you get extra discounts at the shops. People come here with suitcases and stuff them. Some brands are really cheap. As the quality increases, you reach more reasonable price balances. Make a plan by thinking that you will spend 1 day here.


CENTURY 21: The big discount store has discounted products of various brands together. You can go downtown.


MACY’S: Especially if you are going to buy perfume, you can buy it from MACY.



Bagel: Let’s say the famous bagel of Americans. You must try it.

Cheesecake: You should definitely taste it at Magnolia Bakery, try its other products. Even now the moon is gone.

– Joint Burger: The most recommended begging for Burger.

– Morton’s Steakhouse: Those who want to have a steak.

– Junior’s Restaurant – Grand Central Terminal

– Soho Balthazar: It has a wonderful decoration. Food is also good.

– Pasta Bistro Grill: in Greenwich area


They say that those who go to New York should not say I went to America because every part of America is not New York. I think America is a land of dreams. New York, on the other hand, is a city of single people, where people live in a very serious rush, where they aim to make a career by dedicating their 20s and 30s to a hard work tempo. When they get married, people move to towns and cities near New York and especially leave Manhattan. I mean, life in New York is very good for tourists, but I don’t know if it can be lived.

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