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Peaceful and full of fun, the Netherlands is among the countries where mother nature has passed through and resembles an encyclopedia with the history it embraces. In our article titled Places to Visit in the Netherlands, there are cities and places to visit before you travel to the Netherlands.

One of the most visited countries in Western Europe, the Netherlands, also known as the “Land of Freedom”, draws attention with its unique features.

While the lands of the country that cruise below sea level reveal a visible difference, the windmills you will encounter wherever you go, the bicycles that are more intense than cars and colorful tulips are among the details that symbolize the Netherlands.

You can taste both calmness and fast life in this country, which has a neat view even from the sky; You can get different experiences by taking a short trip to the top cities of the list of places to visit in the Netherlands.

Netherlands Travel List


The Netherlands, which confronts us with a completely different architecture and history from other European countries, has the infrastructure to satisfy travelers in terms of culture and art. In the nightlife, you can take a look at the most beautiful cities of this country, which knows no boundaries, and you can create a suitable route without setting out.

1. Amsterdam

Not only the Netherlands, but also the leading city of Europe, Amsterdam brings Grass Coffees and the Red Light District to the minds of many of us, but of course it is not limited to these.

Amsterdam Canals that surround the city throughout the city, Dam Square, where you can shop while tasting Dutch potatoes famous for the Vlaamse Fritez, Madame Tussauds Museum, New Church, Begijnhof built as a place of worship, Rijksmuseum where all the goers have a photo taken in front of the I Amsterdam text, the local brewery Heineken Experience and this Vondelpark, where you can have a good rest after wandering around, is definitely one of the places you should see.

2. Rotterdam

Rotterdam, which was rebuilt after the heavy destruction it suffered during the Second World War, is worth seeing with its peaceful nature and modern architectural examples even if it lost its historical richness.

Cubic Houses, one of Rotterdam’s most striking buildings and designed by architect Piet Blom on a 45-degree angle, the Euromast Watchtower built in 1960, the Kindergic Windmills on the water channels and the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum with thousands of artifacts are among the places to see. has.


Eindhoven, which brings a different interpretation to the boring order of the Netherlands, stands out with its lush nature, streets designed as if drawn with pencil, the majority of the young population and being a city of culture and arts due to its museums.

Eindhoven with its remarkable points such as the Evoluon Building, which is one of the interesting designs of architect Louis Kalff with its flying saucer appearance, Van Abbemuseum, which draws attention with its exterior design as a modern art museum, Sint Catharinakerk National Monument and MU Art Space where contemporary artworks are exhibited; stands out among the places to visit in the Netherlands.

4. The Hague

The Hague, aka Den Haag, one of the densely populated cities of the Netherlands, draws attention with its small but cute city.

Surrounded by architectural examples unique to the Netherlands, the Hague gives peace to people with its narrow streets and boutique cafes on the street corners, and the Louwman Museum, the Gemeente Museum containing contemporary art works, the Mauritshuis Museum and the Panorama Mesdag Museum almost prove its artistic texture.


5. Delft

The famous canals of the Netherlands are also remarkably abundant in Delft, and this small city is located between Rotterdam and Den Haag.

The city of Delft, which has preserved its historical texture since its foundation in the 1200s, is home to developments in science and art. Delft City Hall, one of the works belonging to the Renaissance period, the Old Canal in the old city area, the New Church and the Old Church, which are examples of gothic architecture, are among the must-see buildings.

In addition, Nieuwe Kerk, one of the most important architectures of the city, whose foundation was laid in 1381 and the construction of which was completed in 1651, draws attention as a stop that you must visit as it hosts tall towers where you can witness the views of The Hague and Rotterdam cities.



Utrecht, which offers a deep-rooted history to its visitors as it was the territory of the Roman Empire in the past, is a city that made a journey in history with its medieval architecture and Dom Under, where the historical artifacts obtained after archaeological excavations are exhibited, proves this.

In addition, Domkerk, Centraal Museum in Utrecht surrounded by canals and Cathari Jneconvent Museum, where pictures, manuscripts, accessories and objects about the religion of Christianity are located, highlight Utrecht among the places to visit in the Netherlands.

7. Maastricht

When it comes to science and art, Maastricht is another cultural city of the Netherlands, where you can see its effects in all cities.

In this city, which hosted the Gauls first in history and then the Roman Empire, the Bonnefanten Museum, which resembles an architectural rocket, the Caestert Plateau, the Hell Gate, the riverside houses and the Romantic Valkenburg and Our Lady Basilica are just a few of the routes to see.

8. Groningen

A perfect nature, colorful houses, canals and rivers; Groningen, with its historical and modern buildings, which you can visit to your heart’s content, is one of the leading destinations among the Dutch sights.

In addition to being a technology museum, the Groninger Museum, which amazes people with its exterior architecture, also stands out as a museum, Groningen University, Old Town; Lauwersmeer National Park, which proves that the city is intertwined with nature, and Noorderplantsoen, which is an indispensable point of festivals, are among the unique stops you can visit.



Located on both sides of the Old Rhine river, Leiden is another Dutch city where you can ride a bike and meet nature.

In this charming city that delights people, there are many historical and cultural points where you can explore, from the National History Museum to the Volkenkunde Museum, from the Windmill Museum to Laiden Castle. In addition, Botanical Gardens located in the city center brings you together with the magnificent nature of the city.

10. Arnhem

Located around the Nederrijn River, Arnhem is a city in the Eastern Netherlands and home to one of the best open-air museums in the Netherlands.

Among the places to visit in the Netherlands, Arnhem offers an impressive heritage with Park Sonsbeek, Burgers’ Zoo, War Museum, Bronbeek Museum, Nederlands Water Museum and National Heritage Museum.

11. Volendam

Volendam, overshadowed by the tourist cities of the Netherlands such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Eindhoven, is a small and cute coastal town that does not look like the places told in fairy tales.

Volendam, which is only 25 minutes away from Amsterdam, literally embellishes dreams with farmhouses where animals graze in its garden and canals in the middle of the houses.

You can visit the Mariabeeld Statue and the lighthouse named Paard van Marken in this town where you can take a nature trip; You can visit the Volendams Museum.

12. Marken

In fact, Marken is a peninsula and at least as peaceful as Volendam. You can tell at first sight that the country is below sea level from the houses built on the poles on this island.

Marker Museum, Paard van Marken, a lighthouse, and Original House of Marken are among the places to visit. In addition, the Clog Experience, the place of making wooden shoes, one of the symbols of the Netherlands, and the Old Cheese Factory, where you can taste while learning the history of Dutch cheeses, are among the places you should visit.

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