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What to put in our backpack has always been a confusing and challenging issue when going on a long journey, such as on a trip or interrail. Here I will write them under the headings as far as I can think of. First of all, since the article I will write is focused on what should be taken with your backpack on a long-term trip, those who go on a short holiday can arrange the article here according to themselves.

Travel Equipment

Nail Clipper: You will need it on trips for 1 week or more. I recommend that you take it with you.

Lighter: Even if you do not smoke, take it with you, as it may be necessary for socializing and unnecessarily.

Pocket Knife: Those who are thinking of camping should definitely take it with them, and it is also necessary to open canned food and similar things.

Padlock: You can rent in hostels for money, but it is still useful to take it with you. It is better to have your belongings in a locked cupboard than in an unlocked cupboard in the middle. The person who wrote this did not lock his belongings in London for a week, though I haven’t stolen anything, but don’t behave like me.

Backpack: I can hear you say whether there is a backpack in the backpack, but the big bags, which I refer to as backpacks in the title, are classic small backpacks. It is useful to take one of them with you. You probably wouldn’t want to carry the big backpack with you while touring the city. Instead, you take the small bag where you put your daily necessities and leave the other big bag where you left off.

Pen, Notepad: Ideal for taking small notes about the trip.

Sleeping Bag: Although it is for those who think about sleeping, it may be necessary of any kind, after all, there may be a possibility of staying at the airport or on the street.

Tent: Indispensable for those thinking of camping.


Individual Medicines: I guess I don’t need to remind you that you need to take the medications you have to use with you.

Pain Relief: If you have a headache or something, it is not clear what will happen.

Influenza Medicine: Depending on the country you are going to, it is necessary if you get flu for another reason. Take it with you.

Fever Meter: Again, against any illness situation.

Band-Aid: Take it with you against minor injuries, against the hitting of the shoes on your feet as a result of long walking.

Insect Repellents: You can take them with you depending on your destination and whether you are camping or not.

Personal care products

  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush 
  • Sunscreen depending on the season
  • Sunglasses
  • Shampoo etc.
  • Skin creams 


I also recommend that you buy at least 1 rainy, cold weather clothing by saying what you will wear during your stay and even if the place is generally sunny. Do not fill it with too many clothes, you wash the bag there and wear it again. It is also useful to buy 2-3 shoes depending on the time you will stay.


Technological Devices: Don’t forget your technological devices such as laptops, chargers, cameras.

Dirty Bag: You can handle this with a sachet from the grocery store, but let me write it down anyway.

Small Notes: The small travel notes you get from our site can be useful.

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