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London. As the title says, I have created a Travel Guide about London, the city that never ends. I believe that you can find everything you are looking for about London and even England in this article and it will help you for your London trip. If you are ready, our London trip begins.

1. About London and Starting London Trip

If we start the story with the entry to London 101: As we all know, the capital of the United Kingdom, London is cosmopolitan and Europe’s most immigrant city.

As we walked some streets, “What if this is India or did I go wrong?” It is impossible not to get caught in the feeling. Or while walking down the street, “What language do they speak?” very likely to think. But I think this diversity is what makes the city beautiful.

What season to go to London? What is the London’s Weather?

As you know, England is famous for its rains. Actually, the south side of London is not that rainy. When I say it’s not that much, of course I’m not saying don’t go without an umbrella. Otherwise, it may be your life’s fault. But here is less rainy than Manchester or something, especially in the summer months.

I think the ideal time to go to London is between May and September. Also, if you say I can endure the cold, it might be a good option to go in Christmas time, so in December.

London’s population: Approximately 9 million

The weather is generally not very hot. I know I wear a sweater in the summer. Only in July, the air temperature was 33 degrees or something, and they were announcing in the subways “Carry water with you, ask for help if you feel bad.” he. They get excited when the weather is hot.

2. Where is London?

London, the capital of England, is located in the southwest of England.
It is located:

  • 336 kilometers from Manchester,
  • 355 kilometers from Liverpool and
  • 128 kilometers from Southampton.

3. How To Get To London

It is very easy to reach the city center from all airports. You can easily get to the city center by train, bus or metro. It will be much cheaper if you buy your tickets before you even go.

If your plane is not going to land in Heathrow, I recommend the bus. It is not much different from the train in terms of time, and it is much cheaper. You can reach the center from Heathrow by Piccadilly Line via a single line.

Transportation in London is also very easy, although it may seem complicated. Because we are talking about one of the largest metro networks in the world.

Not only the metro, but also the bus is very common and if I say it is everywhere. That’s why it’s very difficult for you to get lost. I suggest you download an application to use the subway.

Before I go, I downloaded the application named “Tube Map-London Underground Routes” to better understand the London Underground Network.

4. What to Eat-Drink in London?

The cultural diversity I mentioned above is also reflected in the cuisine of London. You can find the best examples of the cuisines of all countries in London.

If you want to eat from all over the world such as China, India, Vietnam, Italy, France and Mexico, there are dozens of restaurants from every country in the city.

Speaking of eating and drinking suggestions in London, I recommend you to go to food markets, except for restaurants. My favorites are Camden Market, Borough Market and Berwick Street Market.

The prices are much cheaper and the variety is incredible. While eating from one stand, your eye can stay on the other, that’s that degree. Tip: If you are not very hungry, you can get enough of Camden Market just by visiting it. While walking, everyone is constantly offering something.

Food prices in London vary depending on where you go. As I said, food markets are much more convenient than restaurants. However, there are places in London where you can eat cheap meals or leave your kidneys.

5. Where to Stay in London?

Where to stay in London? What are my recommendations for London hotels?

You will probably spend the most money on accommodation in London. In general, hotel prices are quite expensive, so I recommend you stay in a hostel or Airbnb.

You can both mingle with people and stay economically. Before my hotel and hostel suggestions, let me talk about the areas where you can stay in London.

Close to places to stay in London, the areas where you can generally stay are Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Islington, Camden, Lambeth, Hackney, Southwark and the neighborhoods in these districts. (For example, the name of the district is Hackney, the neighborhood is called Shoreditch.) If you stay in one of these areas, it is possible to reach many places by metro or even on foot.

My hotel and hostel recommendations in London are:

Clink261 Hostel is a hostel a few minutes’ walk from King’s Cross station. This is a very central station point where all metro lines intersect. In the Borough of Camden. (So we can say Camden district) Many restaurants and pubs are within walking distance. Address: 261-265 Grays Inn Road, Camden, London (in Zone 1)

So Hostel The location of this place is incredibly central. You can reach Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus, ie the most central points of the city, in just a few minutes on foot. This hostel has mixed or female-only rooms and double rooms. If you stay in this hostel you will walk most places. I think this is one of the best places I can recommend as a hostel. Address: 91 Dean Street, Soho, Westminster, Westminster Borough, London, W1D 3SY, United Kingdom (in Zone 1)

Baggies Backpackers Angel This hostel is also located in Islington, the neighborhood where I lived while I was staying in London. It is very close to the subway stop called Angel. You can reach the most central points of the city in 10-15 minutes by metro or bus. There are many restaurants, cafes and pubs around the hostel. Islington is the beautiful district anyway. The hostel also has a kitchen, if you want to cook, you can. Address: 333 City Road, Islington, London, EC1V 1LJ, United Kingdom (in Zone 1)

ABC Hyde Park Hotel As the name suggests, this hotel is very close to Hyde Park, one of London’s most beautiful parks, on a charming street. The streets and houses in the district where Hyde Park is located are actually very beautiful in general. This is also within walking distance of many important places (such as Oxford Street). Address: 121 Sussex Gardens, Westminster Borough, London, W2 2RU, United Kingdom (in Zone 1)

The Montana Hotel This hotel is located in Kensington and Chelsea, one of London’s most beautiful districts. The building where the hotel is located is also very stylish. The location is a few minutes’ walk from Gloucester Road tube station. (On the line where Heathrow Airport is located.) Address: 67-69 Gloucester Rd, Kensington, Kensington and Chelsea, London, SW7 4PG, United Kingdom (Zone 1)

6. Entertainment-Shopping-Nightlife in London

England is known as pub paradise. Everything is ends with pub for the British. They love to get out of work and hang out in the garden of pubs, especially if the weather is nice.

It is really enjoyable to have a drink while looking at the beautiful streets. When this is this enjoyable, everywhere is the pub in London. You can see a typical English pub around every corner. Enter them without hesitation and sit down. Many of them are alike anyway. You can also eat in pubs.

Pubs open early and usually close around 12 at night. My favorite bars and pubs in London:

  • Big Chill House
  • Barrio Shoreditch
  • Dragon Bar
  • The Harp
  • The York
  • Aqua Shard
  • Frank’s Cafe.

If you go and have recommendations, please mention them in the comments so I will try them next time I go.

Nightlife in London is very good. There are places where everyone has the music they like. My favourites:

  • Ministry of Sound
  • XOYO
  • Cargo
  • Tiger tiger
  • Egg
  • Electric Brixton.

If you go there with slippers or something, they probably won’t let you in. But also, if you go like you go to the wedding, it’ll probably be pretty weird.


One of my favorite events about England is its festivals. Magnificent festivals are held all over the country every year. If you have the opportunity, I say don’t miss it.

Although tickets for major festivals like Glastonbury run out months in advance, you can get tickets for smaller festivals like Lovebox in London.

7. London Attractions / London Travel Guide

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world that appeals to everyone. The activities to be done in London will not end. In addition to the touristic places in London, the places where you can feel this city await you. For example:

  • Natural History Museum
  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Science Museum
  • British Museum
  • National Gallery
  • Hyde park
  • St Jame’s Park
  • Green Park
  • Regent’s Park
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Leicester Square
  • Covent Garden
  • Big ben
  • Westminster Abbey
  • London Eye
  • Tower of london
  • Tower Bridge

8. How many Days to Stay in London and What Route to Follow in London

I think you need to stay in London for at least 5 days to visit touristic places. I think even 5 days is less, but if you are planning a touristic trip only, 5 days will be enough for the most popular places.

You can find a 5-day route suggestion below. You can change this route according to your tastes and expectations or according to the weather. First, you can divide London into north and south of the Thames. Or it could be in the form of East London and West London.

Day 1 London sightseeing route

Let’s say you came in the morning on the first day and settled in your hotel. I think it’s a good idea to start with Big Ben. Then, respectively:

  • Westminster Abbey-Big Ben-London Eye-Southbank-Southbank Center-Covent Garden-Leicester Square

Day 2 London Attractions Route

Let’s do a museum tour and some London shopping tour. Respectively :

  • Natural History Museum-Victoria and Albert Museum-Science Museum-Hyde Park-Piccadilly Circus-Oxford Street.

Day 3 London Attractions Route

Let’s enjoy getting lost in the streets and parks. Respectively :

  • Buckhingam Palace-St James’s Park or Green Park (Or why not both) -National Gallery (Trafalgar Square) -Piccadilly Circus (You can visit the streets of Soho here) – Regent Street-Carnaby Street

Day 4 London Attractions Route

East London / South London and vintage shops and markets. These districts are for those who want to visit a little more alternative. If you finish here early, you can then go to Tower Hill by metro.

If you want to stay long in this area: You can buy Tower of London and Tower Bridge sides on the first day. It is completely up to your taste.

  • Brixton-Brick Lane-Shoreditch (Rough Trade is a must if you’re good with music.) – Barbican Center-Tower of London-Tower Bridge

Day 5 London Attractions Route

You can visit Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill-Camden Town. And walk with no plan as your time allows.

9. How Much Does It Cost To Travel To London?

There is no clear answer to the question of how much a London trip will cost. Because it depends entirely on your expectations and budget.

If you want to eat at Pret a Manger in the morning and evening and stay in the hostel, you can spend 50 pounds per day; If you say that you can never do without a Michelin star restaurant or stay other than a 5 star hotel, there is a way up to 300+ pounds per day.

As I said, it is entirely up to your tastes. In the article, I talked about economical alternatives and expensive places.


10. My Warnings for Those Who Will Make a London Tour

  • The mood of England is not clear. Do not go out without an umbrella, even if you wake up to a daily sun shade in the morning.
  • Don’t forget to use your card when exiting the subway. So the system can understand which Zone you leave from and the pricing is done accordingly. There is a penalty if you don’t.
  • If you have purchased an Oyster Card and your card has increased money, you can get a refund on your return.
  • I say don’t go through the parks in East London and Brixton at night. Also be careful if you are going to pass.
  • When I examined the tours of the companies that organize tours to London, I saw that their routes were either very poor, extremely touristic or they made extra tours to important places and increased the prices unnecessarily. I think you can navigate yourself, get lost in the streets. Believe me it is the best.

So those are what I can suggest you to have a nice trip to London. London is a city wihch you must see. So I hope this article will help you to have a nice experience.

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