Faroe Islands Travel Guide

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Faroe Islands

If you’ve never heard of the country of the Faroe Islands, you will now. Located in the Northeast Atlantic, the Faroe Islands consist of steep cliffs, high mountains, narrow fjords and 18 small islands with a population of 50,000. The language of the region, Faroese, comes from the ancient Scandinavian language spoken by Norsemen, who settled the islands 1200 years ago. It is the one with the most interesting culture among the island countries visited by those who are planning a Northern Europe tour.

While a highly industrial economy based mainly on fishing and aquaculture continues to develop; The Faroe maritime specialty is widely known and the Faroe Islands exports seafood to six continents.

Strategically located between Europe and North America, the Faroe Islands are only a few hours’ flight from metropolitan centers in Northern Europe.

The unique blend of traditional and modern culture characterizes Faroese society with a strong sense of local community and active appearance as a globalized Scandinavian country. Here are 9 reasons to visit Faroe Islands!

Capital Tórshavn

The capital Tórshavn (pop. 20,885) is the largest city in the Faroe Islands, built behind a busy harbor on the east coast of Streymoy Island. Within the 66.8 square kilometer city, there are eighteenth-century churches, a handful of museums, a small Old Town, and rows of brightly painted houses.

Unrivaled Natural Beauty

The Faroese archipelago features stunning views typical of volcanic islands such as windswept mountains, crashing waves and jagged coastline. The best way to enjoy the island is to visit the Kallur Lighthouse, which is located on a northern promontory and offers panoramic views from five other islands on clear days.

Travel Convenience

Despite their remote location and rugged terrain, the islands are easier to navigate than you expect. Thanks to the relatively new infrastructure, reaching the best tourist attractions in the country, such as underwater tunnels connecting the islands and asphalt roads that cut the mountains, has not been a problem since the early 2000s.

Faroe Islands Landscapes

Apart from Mulafossur, perhaps the most iconic sight in the country is the Shire-like village of Saksun in the northwest of Streymoy. Hamlet and its mid-nineteenth-century church sit in a natural amphitheater on a lagoon with mountain views that stretch in all directions.

Seagull Paradise Northern European Country

If you’re dying to see the cutest bird on the planet, there is no better place than tiny Mykins. While only 14 people live on the westernmost Faroe Island, its rugged terrain and sharp cliffs attract thousands of breeding gulls in the summer.

A Great Place for the Northern Lights

The Faroe Islands are north enough to see the Northern Lights in all their glory, so of course enough to allow for weather conditions. Some good spots are Gjógv on the northern tip of Eysturoy and Klaksvík in Borgoy. The best time period for the northern lights is from September to March or April.

Winter is Beautiful in Faroe

Winters are surprisingly mild, with temperatures rarely falling below freezing. But when the islands and villages are decorated with a powder of snow, it somehow looks more magical than in the green summer. Just be sure to take a peek during the five-hour daylight hours of the season from November to January.

Vestmanna Bird Cliffs

One of the most popular excursions is boat trips to the Vestmanna bird cliffs, rock walls about 2,000 meters above the Atlantic waters on Streymoy Island. Those who do it during the day can enjoy the impressive views of the algae-speckled sea stacks, dark caves, and the thousands of birds that live here in the summer.

Charming Houses with Grass Roofs

Grass-roofed houses are a symbol of the islands that appear everywhere, from sporadic seaside villages to the capital city of Tórshavn. Faroese uses this architectural style to protect the residences from the rainy climate.

Northern Europe tour, an alternative route for the Northern Lights, the Faroe Islands is one of the ideal routes to visit.

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