Exploring the Medieval City of Fez in Morocco

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Travel Guide Fez

The city of Fes is Morocco’s third largest city, located in the Fès-Boulemane region. The medieval settlement in Fes is one of the best preserved cities in the world. According to the “extreme tourist” nature of Marrakech and Casablanca cities, it can be said that Fes is a better city to see real Moroccan life. In fact, the number of tourists coming to Fes is increasing day by day. The most important place to see in Fes is undoubtedly the old city, the Medina of Fes, almost every touristic thing is located in this old region. The Medina of Fes, a medieval city surrounded by walls, was founded in the 9th century and is a chaos that is impossible not to get lost, consisting of about 9700 streets. Transportation in the city where cars cannot enter due to its narrow streets of approximately one and a half or two meters; It is carried out with donkeys and horses.

When we first arrived in Fes, we knew that the most logical way to reach the city from the airport was a taxi, but the pricing in taxis is usually negotiable and if you want to go cheap, you have to take taxis that do not have a taxi letter but are not considered illegal, which is what we did. The new settlement area in the city, with two areas, an old settlement and a new settlement, is more prone to theft, so my advice is to stay in the area called the old city, which is always the place to visit. The city and the country are famous for rugs and weaving in general and you can get a rug if you agree on the price. There is also a general consumption and sale of herbs in the country. Very affordable and generally high quality products. If you are interested, you can have a look.

The most important information about the city is to bargain for everything, children who offer guidance ask for money for it, they do not make you out of their loved ones, so be cautious against any purse-snatching situation even if it does not happen to us. Also, generally the navigation does not work in the city, so do not hesitate to ask for directions, but ask the shopkeepers rather than those who are empty on the street because others will ask you for money at the end of the road.

You can also get a line for your phone from the airport if you want. It is a bit cheaper in the city center but the difference is not at a big level, but try to bargain and drop it anyway.

Eating and Drinking in Fes

Moroccan food is so delicious Erasmusta I was eating in Fes and other cities of Morocco, when my appetite was quenching in Poland. I especially recommend you to try the couscous and Tajin (my favorite is Kefta tajin). Mint tea, which will be recommended to you at your place of stay or at the restaurant you go to, is a different taste that I recommend you to try. Apart from these, you can try local dishes such as B’stilla, Zaalouk, and Makouda. If you want to try it, they have famous camel burgers.

Transportation in Fes

In Fes, you can walk to many places within the city, which is enough to walk. For transportation, you will only need a vehicle to and from the airport.

Places to Visit in Fes

Before starting the places to visit, it should be noted that Morocco is a Muslim country and non-Muslims are prohibited from entering mosques and similar places in the country. It is forbidden to sell alcohol to locals in the country, so keep in mind that many hostel owners either go to buy alcohol with their customers or if you want alcohol with their passports.

Leather dyeing tanneries:

These tanneries, produced with organic dyes using medieval techniques, are the most interesting thing you will see in Fez. Since the 11th century, tanneries have been working with the same primitive methods. Dyes obtained from natural vegetables are used to dye leather. These include mint (green), henna (orange), cedar (brown), and saffron (yellow). You should go to the terraces of the leather shops around to see the tanneries and painting pits where the workers work under very difficult conditions.

Bab Boujloud (Blue Gate):

You can choose this magnificent door to enter Medina. Its mosaic decorations and architectural structure seem out of tales of a thousand and one nights.

Bou Inania Madrasa:

It is a beautiful building with its green minaret and large courtyard. The walls, doors, arches, fine wood and marble workmanship are very impressive.

Kairaouine Mosque:

The largest mosque in the city, quite different from our architecture, is large but horizontally placed. As we said at the beginning, non-Muslims are not accepted to mosques in Morocco, you may be one of the lucky tourists who prove that you are Turkish with your passport and say “Selamun Aleykum”. Of course, people feel sorry for the western tourists looking through the door. ehehe!

El Karavayyin University:

The madrasa, which was founded in 859, has been one of the leading educational institutions and spiritual places for the Muslim world since the Middle Ages. It is necessary to go in, learn the history and examine the detailed craftsmanship.

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