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Frankly, if you want to see both natural beauty and a cultural heritage, we don’t think of a better place than Ecuador. There are many natural wonders in this country, from the tallest volcanoes in the world to exotic creatures. If you want to get a little bit of culture and visit historical places, there is that. In Ecuador several cities are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We will talk about all of them one by one below. As you know, it is a far away country and most people have limited knowledge on this subject. But it’s not a problem. I will tell you what I know right away.

Where exactly is Ecuador?

The question of where Ecuador actually is contains some answer in itself. This country, which takes its name from the line that is supposed to pass through the middle of the world, is naturally on the line of Ecuador and in the South American continent. Ecuador, which has land in both the Northern hemisphere and Southern hemisphere, has Colombia in the north and Peru in the south.

Ecuador’s Population:

About 15 million people live in Ecuador. All of them are so friendly that we cannot explain.

Capital of Ecuador:

The capital of Ecuador is the city of Quito in the middle of the country. Quito has both magnificent natural beauties and a deep-rooted historical heritage. In fact, it is one of the first two cities to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List (the other is Krakow, Poland).

Ecuador’s Language:

The official language of Ecuador is Spanish, like most Latin American countries. However, many indigenous people live in Ecuador and they have their own unique languages. Although these languages ​​are not official languages, they are spoken by local people.

Ecuador Attractions


– Galapagos Islands:

Let’s enter the list of places to visit in Ecuador with the best. Everyone who goes to the Galapagos Islands says it is one of the most beautiful places they have ever seen in their lives. It’s like an open-air zoo. This island has the widest variety of living things in the world. It doesn’t seem strange that the starting point of the theory of evolution is this island, after seeing the Galapagos Islands.

If you ever take a trip to Ecuador, you would probably include the Galapagos Islands in this plan. But let’s point out that going to this island is not cheap at all. You have to sacrifice a few thousand dollars. Transportation is usually by plane from the capital city of Quito and travel agencies arrange these trips. Is it worth the money you give? It is worth that separate subject.

– Quito:

Quito, the world’s highest-altitude official capital. So if you are not used to altitude, you may have difficulty. Because we are talking about 2800 meters. But if you do not have any trouble, we see no reason why you should not like Quito. It has beautiful churches and buildings. You will also have the chance to get on the cable car and look down on all of Quito.

The most popular place to visit in Quito is the place called “Mitad del Mundo”, the middle of the world. It is assumed that the Ecuadorian line crosses here and it is a bit far from the city center. You can use a taxi to get there. When you go, check and see if the water actually flows in different directions in the northern and southern hemispheres.

– Cuenca:

Cuenca is Ecuador’s 3rd largest city and the country’s most beautiful colonial city. Millions of tourists visit this city every year. They are right to do it because it is very good. If you happen to be in Cuenca, get Ingapirca, Turi, Barranco and El Sagrario on your list of places to visit.

– Banos:


Banos is a small town in Cuenca. It is worth going. Because you will be in a magnificent nature. Even if you have the opportunity and you like it, make sure you camp for a day or two. The taste of such a beautiful atmosphere can only be enjoyed by camping.

– Guayaquil:

Let’s be clear now. Guayaquil is actually not a very good place. But if you want to have fun or are curious about Ecuadorian nightlife, you can come to this city. As it is the largest city in Ecuador, it is possible to find something for every taste. Also, this is an important point to go to the Galapagos Islands.

– Latacunga:

Latacunga is one of Ecuador’s most special places. Because there are extraordinary mountains and lakes here. If you don’t spend a few days, it will be unfinished. The most popular route is Quilotoa, about half an hour from Latacunga. There is an activity called Quilotoa Loop here and it offers you a trekking route including several local villages around a magnificent crater lake. The tour can end in a day. You can also extend it if you wish. The decision is up to you. But don’t return without seeing that magnificent lake. This is all we can say.

We briefly passed over the places to visit in Ecuador. But this country is a really different place. The western part is called the ocean part and is very suitable for sea tourism. The middle part is the Andes Mountains region. There are volcanoes that exceed 5000 meters in height and they can be climbed. The eastern region is the Amazon region. A complete unknown paradise. I mean, I came to Ecuador, but you never think about what to do. If you have the necessary money in your pocket, the things to do are unlimited.

– Life in Ecuador:


Unfortunately, we can say that Ecuador’s economic situation is not very good. In fact, the country suffered from economic crises and inflation so much that it finally converted its currency into American dollars in the 2000s. Currently, the US dollar is still used in the country.


So if you think that I can go and find a job in Ecuador and live comfortably, you may be disappointed. Their condition is not very good either. Income injustice is extreme. Of course, the money you earn depends on the job you do.

Ecuadorian Food and Drink Guide

Ecuador is truly incredibly rich in cuisine. On the one hand, Spanish culture and local culture on the other hand combined, creating extraordinary dishes. If you say seafood, you would eat anything that came out of the sea. It’s that beautiful. If you say coffee, the most beautiful coffees in the world are grown in this region. Anyway, if we write, we will write, so your mouth will not be watered even more. Let’s briefly talk about the dishes we like and close this part without much ado.

  • Ceviche
  • Locro de Papa
  • Encebollado
  • Empanada

Let’s add that the food prices are also very cheap. In fact, if you have some courage, let’s also recommend the mouse fry they call cuy. A habit left over from the Incas, it is still widely eaten. It does not look nice, but tastes good.

Ecuador Nightlife

Ecuador’s nightlife and entertainment obviously depends on where you are. But like every Latin American person in general, Ecuadorians love to have fun and entertain them. Big or small cities, nightclubs are full every day of the week. Especially if you have been to a touristic place, let yourself be entertained. Now, we’ll tell you until the morning here, but you know what to do best? When you get there, find yourself an Ecuadorian friend (Don’t worry, they are very warm and love foreigners).

This is the end of the Ecuador Travel Notes. If you have any questions or want more specific information, feel free to write to us in the comments.

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