Detailed post preparation guide

In fact, preparing a post is as easy as drinking water. With the simple steps you need to follow, you will be able to prepare articles in minutes. After making your platform

Step-1) Go Click  “Start Writing”


Click there and you will get to a page where you write and arrange your post.


Step-2) You need to upload a photo. That photo will be your article’s coverage.


When you upload your photo, it will appear like this.

Step-3) Choose category and add keyword tags.


You can choose up to 3 categories. Make sure they are relevant to your article. E.g: You make an article Fes in Afrika. Select: Africa as continent and Morocco as country and then select your guide type from all bottom of the category list.


You can add up to 3 keyword tags. Choose them as relevant words. E.g: Article is about saving money for vacation. Tag would be like this: Money saving, Traveler, Cheap travel….


Step-4) Start writing your article


Start writing your article. If you want to create a better post, those things maye help you:


  • Make an informative title. Neither long nor short.
  • Article should be at least 300 words.
  • Strengthen your content with using keywords. So it will look more relevant.
  • Decorate your content with photos* to support the content.
  • If you have a youtube video** about content, you can add it to post.

*Note: You can add photos by clicking the image icon which is shown on the photo below.

**Note: You can add content from almost every other social media platforms. Just click that yellow “+” button and copy-paste the link there.


Step-5) Save Draft and Submit your post.


That’s it. It’s just that easy. If you have hesitations, you can go and look at other articles to get inspired. And if you have problems about system, Contact us on: 

Gmail: [email protected] 



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