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Before setting out for a South Africa Cape Town trip, take my Cape Town Attractions article with you and take it with you and share my previously tested and approved travel route with you, dividing it into days, step by step. Take a sunset on Table Mountain for me in exchange for the Cape Town Travel Guide! 

Cape Town Attractions

DAY 1: Waterfront, V&A Food Market, Wheel Cape, Watershed Market, Long Street

I fill your first day with the most suitable route to start exploring the city in Cape Town. I can say that the Waterfront is Cape Town’s most touristic area. This is actually a port, but there are Victoria and Albert shopping centers, social areas, restaurants and kiosks on the harbor. One of them is the Wheel Cape, which is a huge Ferris wheel, the Watershed Market, which consists of a variety of shops in a huge container, and the V&A Food Market, where you can discover delicious flavors.

At the same time, the ferries of Robben Island depart from the Waterfront, and helicopter tour companies that are very popular in Cape Town are also located in this region.

After a great day in the Waterfront region, we went to the Africa Cafe, located near Long Street for dinner, to end our first day and we had a full African experience. Since we had to eat the meal by hand before dinner, we washed our hands on the table with a bowl of water, ate 13 different African dishes, and brought dessert on top. My face was painted like the locals and of course there was a dance & music show accompanying the African liqueurs at the end of the night.

DAY 2: Company Gardens, Greenmarket Square, Sea Point, Clifton Beach and Camps Bay, Lion’s Head

Having fun in the cold melted waters of glaciers on Camps Bay beach under the cloud-owned Table Mountain! Yes, we are at one end of the world right now!

On our second day in Cape Town, we started the day with a stroll in Company Gardens and a nice breakfast in the restaurant. This park in the green has become the home of squirrels and ducks! After breakfast, we hung out on the back street of Mandela Road Place where we were staying by Airbnb so that we could shop for a few souvenirs from the locals in Greenmarket Square.

Yes, it’s time to breathe the sea scent! So it’s time to jump in the car and embrace the smell of iodine at Sea Point, say hello to the white sands in Clifton Beach, and enjoy the beach at Camps Bay for lunch at Cafe Caprice. The sunset is the most special, we set out for Lion’s Head.

To experience the happiness of performing one of the World’s Best Climbing Routes selected by National Geographic by overturning a 5 km road and climbing the Lion’s Head at an altitude of 669 meters! Moreover, while the day was sinking from the sea during the climb, the full moon also came out. Watching Cape Town bathed in lights at night was unforgettable.

The adventure took 3.5 hours in total, in which we cling to the chains and clinging to the rocks, breathless. The summit was incredibly proud and full of accomplishment. Although I have no fear of heights, my knees trembled on this rock. If you have fear, this is a great opportunity to beat. People are climbing with their children. Be sure, every minute is full of pleasure and this sweet is worth the tiredness.

The descent is more difficult than the ascent and the weather is cooler. I’m glad I did in those things for adrenaline-filled climb: take 1 liter of water with me, put on short shorts and a long sweat suit and definitely buy a jacket. Yes, we are at the top now !!!

DAY 3: Robben Island, BoKaap, Signal Hill

We took our third day in Cape Town for breakfast at Truth Coffee, our favorite place around here. We went to this place 3 times in a week to have coffee and breakfast.

Then we took the ferry from Waterfront for the Robben Island tour, which was taken from the internet at least 1-2 weeks ago, and we allocated 4 hours to the island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. Feeling the years spent in cells without a bunk bed for the sake of freedom and equality certainly made us say we were glad we did not bypass Robben Island. Of course, the effect that we were taken around the prison by a former prisoner and we listened to the events directly from the first person has a great effect on this.

Apart from that, getting on a bus as you landed on the island and stopping in this bus from time to time and listening to the stories from a guide who has very bad English, yes it was not great. However, you do not have a choice, you cannot visit the island yourself. The good thing is that for the first time in my life I saw a penguin on this island, even from a distance!

On the way back, we relieved the tiredness of the day by drinking a cocktail at Clarke’s Bar. We toured the streets full of colorful houses in the BoKaap region. If you wish, you can explore this area by taking free walking tours thanks to the companies where you can find offices in the Waterfront.

The sunsets we did in Cape Town were unique. We made our way to Signal Hill for sunset with wine from Openwine to soak up the sun of the 3rd day. Signal Hill is a very popular hill for sunset, as it can be reached by car.

Dinner at Tiger’s Milk and Long Street evenings after sunset! It was very good eventhough we have a small attempt to steal that happened to us here.

DAY 4: South African Wine Route 1 – Spice Route, Greenpoint

We devoted our 4th day to the famous South African wines. The most delicious wine routes to go in this geography; Spice Route and Fairview Estate in Paarl District and Warwick Wine Estate in Stellenbosch District.

We had an incredibly peaceful day on the Spice Route, the route of the 4th day. First we had lunch with master chef Bertus Basson’s African flavors, then we had a picnic under the trees. I have likened the flavors of African cuisine to Indian cuisine.

Renting a car is a must to go to the vineyards because it is 45-50 minutes outside the city. We rented it for 10$ per day since we finished the reservation works long beforehand, and fortunately we did because Cape Town is not a city to visit without a car.

The sunset was experienced in Greenpoint with the embrace of the sun and the sea. 

DAY 5: Muizenberg, St James, Kalk Bay, Simon’s Town, Boulders Beach, Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope, Chapman’s Peak, Hout Bay, Llandudno Beach

Our 5th day’s route is very crowded! Leaving the Atlantic Ocean aside in the morning, we started the day at Muizenberg, the surfers’ beach facing the Indian Ocean, and since we could not get enough of the colorful huts there, we took the breath at St James beach.

We drove along the coastline in our car, first passed through Kalk Bay and then took a look at Boulders Beach, famous for African penguins, in a tiny town called Simon’s Town! They were magnificent creatures, I cannot tell how happy we were.

The national park route we made by saluting baboons for Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope, indispensable of the Cape Peninsula, was the peak of the day! We were about to blow off the wind at the lighthouse in Cape Point, but we were shouting our love for each other! One end of the world ..

Of course, I never miss the baboons accompanying us in the national park! They are very dangerous, so it is necessary to close the windows and doors of the car. Umur was almost a fodder to photograph them ..

On the way back, we chose Chapman’s Peak road, which is full of adrenaline and scenery of Cape Town residents, and went to Hout Bay to feed the seals with our hands.

DAY 6: Gansbaii Shark Cage Diving, Table Mountain Sunset, Bree Street Socialization

Our 6th day was based on facing fear and lots of adrenaline!

Shark cage diving was incredibly excited for me. For this, we set out at 6 in the morning and traveled for 2.5 hours towards the shark region Gansbaii. In the icy ocean, 8 people enter the cage and dive into the water with the breath-holding method and come face to face with the sharks that are drawn to the boat with dead fish baits! WONDERFUL!

Such an exciting day could only leave its place to peace by sunset on Table Mountain. It was very beautiful. You can only come to Cape Town for this sunset.

Look at our luck in the evening, as if the streets are full of people, there is a festival. It turns out that in cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg, the first Thursday of every month is a street night and socialization is happening. As a result, we now have a lot of Cape Town friends.

DAY 7: South Africa Wine Route 2 – Stellenbosch Region Warwick Wine House, Eden on the Bay

On our 7th day, we said that the last day of the trip should be full of joy and taste in the greenery and we set out for our last wine route towards Stellenbosch Region.

Warwick Wine House gave us more than what we need for today. First, we tasted by listening to the stories of 6 wines. Then we ate, drank, and took a nap by the lake in a picnic mode. Everything in the picnic basket was incredibly delicious.

We set our last sun in Cape Town on Eden on the Bay. We talked and chatted on the beach for hours all evening.

How Many Days To Visit Cape Town?

I think you need to have at least 1 week to visit Cape Town. We traveled for a week, but still it is not enough for the climbing routes. I would like to have more climbs on the next trip.

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