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New World America offers many rich options to its visitors in terms of places to visit. America appeals to everyone’s tastes, from nature lovers to adventure enthusiasts, from those who cannot live without shopping to night owls, and from those who want to transform their travels into a cultural experience, to art enthusiasts.

America Attractions List

Even those who have never gone there know something about America, the world’s only true superpower. The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the famous Hollywood sign, the magnificent buildings of Las Vegas; skyscrapers, endless highways, canyons, people having fun on the shores of the ocean immediately become images filling the minds with America.

As far as it is known from the TV series and movies, those who want to discover America, which is known for its big smiles, big portions, big buildings and great entertainment, can take a look at our list of places to visit in America to get an idea of ​​where to start in this big country.

1.New York

Welcoming 40 million tourists a year alone, New York offers a unique lifestyle as a gigantic metropolis where people from all over the world and of all styles live freely.

It was sent to the country as a gift of France on the 100th anniversary of America and not only New York; The Statue of Liberty, which has become the symbol of the entire United States, is the first attraction point that comes to mind in New York.

Times Square, where the heart of the city beats, Central Park, which is preferred by New Yorkers who want to spend time in nature, to do sports, relax and have a peaceful time, Fifth Avenue where luxury brands stores are lined, shopping and entertainment center Soho are among the places to visit in New York. .

Those who want to look at the city from above enjoy the view from the roofs of the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center. St Patrick’s Cathedral, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Terminal are among the other landmarks of the city.

In addition to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is a must-visit address for art lovers, the Guggenheim Museum, which draws attention with its extraordinary architecture as well as its collection of contemporary artworks, is flooded with visitors.

2.Washington DC

The city, which is the administrative center of the federal state, draws attention with monumental buildings and museums reflecting the history of the United States. In general, White House, which leads the list of places to visit in America, is Washington‘s most important touristic destination.

The building, which has been home to American presidents since 1800, can be visited provided that a reservation is made 6 months in advance. Equal to the White House, where the House of Representatives meets, is also the Congress Building.

Structures such as the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, World War II National Monument also help you get to know U.S. history. The National Zoological Park, which can be used for families with children, offers its visitors the opportunity to meet more than 1800 animals.


In Boston where the independence movement started, North End, known as “Little Italy”, is preferred in addition to Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall for food and drink and socialization purposes.

New England Aquarium, which has been in service since 1969, does not only give you the opportunity to get to know sea creatures; It also organizes “Whale Watching Trips”. Freedom Road, located in the city center, offers the opportunity to see 16 historical buildings.

Again, those who want to get acquainted with the history of the United States can see the Boston Tea Party Museum and the Naval Museum. Harvard University, one of the world’s most famous and prestigious schools, is also located in Boston.

4.Los Angeles

Traveling around Hollywood in Los Angeles, where the heart of the American film industry beats; You can have a great time at amusement parks such as Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Beverly Hills attracts those who want to witness the luxurious and glamorous life of Hollywood. You can enjoy the ocean and spend time in cafes, bars and restaurants in Malibu, the choice of world stars, and the famous Venice Beach; You can take pleasant walks along the coast in Long Beach.

You can swim from the white sandy beaches of Santa Catalina Island; You can enjoy seafood accompanied by the magnificent sunset.


You can swim in Miami Beach and South Beach, which stretch for miles in Miami, known for its fun nightlife; You can have a pleasant time against the ocean at any time of the day in the luxurious and stylish restaurants, cafes and bars of Ocean Drive, which continues along the beaches.

For shopping, you can visit the stores of famous brands on Lincoln Road, which is located a little above Ocean Drive. You can enjoy shopping while the sun goes down in the stylish bars of Bayside, located in the old marina.

Jungle Island, Miami Zoo and Miami Marine Aquarium, where you can observe tropical creatures in their natural environment, are also preferred by families with children.

6.San Francisco

One of the most famous suspension bridges in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Alcatraz Prison, which remained in operation from 1861 to 1963 and hosted the most famous criminals such as Al Capone, Alamo Square with its lovely architecture houses are the most visited points of San Francisco.

Reflecting the hippie philosophy, Haight Ashbury is another area of ​​San Francisco that reflects a unique life. The enchanting Lombard Street and the landscape wonder Golden Gate Park also attract visitors.

While San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts stands out with its architectural and natural beauties, San Francisco Museum of Asian Art dates back to BC. It hosts up to 2400 objects with a history dating back to 4000.


The 360 ​​Chicago observation point on the 94th floor of the 457-meter-high John Hancock Center and the Skydeck observation section in the Wills Towers offer the opportunity to watch Chicago from above.

Millennium Park, which is considered as the meeting point of the city and hosts concerts, is also known for its world-famous steel bean Cloud Gate.

Grant Park, of which Millennium Park is also a part, acts as an oasis in the city surrounded by buildings and hides such beauties as Maggie Daley, the Art Institute of Chicago, Buckingham Fountain and Botanical Garden.

Lincoln Park and the Lincoln Park Zoo inside it attract the attention of adults as well as children. Families with children can go on boat trips from the historic harbor Navy Pier; You can have a good time in the amusement park and in the restaurants and cafes.

8.Las Vegas

The heart of the “city of sins” Las Vegas, famous for its casinos and luxury hotels, is the 6.8 km Las Vegas Strip with 14 of the world’s largest hotels.

The 167.6 meter high ferris wheel, High Roller, on the Las Vegas Strip is also interesting. You can experience the original state of the city by spending a lively night on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, which is interesting enough even with hotels such as the famous Bellagio, which you know well from Luxor, Venetian, The Mirage and Hollywood movies.

Take a tour of American crime history at the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement; In Madame Tussauds Museum, you can see the wax sculptures of world famous people up close. You can also visit the Red Rock Canyon and the Grand Canyon, which are just a little far from Las Vegas.

9.San Diego

Offering sunny and warm weather throughout the year, San Diego is in a privileged position in the list of places to visit in America. LEGOLAND, New Children’s Museum and San Diego Zoo in San Diego, where families with children can be comfortable, promise to have fun for children.

Mission Bay Park, on the other hand, offers many fun alternatives as well as hosting Sea World San Diego, where you can find water-themed activities.

Watching the sunset over the ocean in La Jolla Cove, enjoying the beaches where surfers are not missing, sparing a day at Balboa Park, where you can reach 15 important museums, are among the things to do for San Diego visitors.

10.New Orleans

New Orleans, one of the richest cities in America in terms of culture and history, is known as one of the most vibrant cities in the world. As an alternative to Bourbon Street and French Quarter, which tourists definitely visit, you can join the entertainment life of New Orleans locals on Frenchmen Street.

You can spend time with nature in City Park, which also includes an art museum, playground, botanical gardens and many historical buildings.

In the Audubon Aquarium, the largest in America, you can get to know the underwater world as well as exotic animals in the Amazon Rainforest-themed section. Historic Tombs in New Orleans also attract attention with their extraordinary structures.


The first point to see in Seattle is the 184-meter-high Space Needle, which has also become the symbol of the city. There are concert and theater halls, sports centers and museums in the area where the Space Needle is located within the Seattle Cultural Complex.

The EMC Experience Center, also located nearby, attracts the attention of pop-culture enthusiasts. In Seattle, one can shop at Pike Place, the oldest public market in the United States; You can participate in the social life of the city in Pioneer Square.

Drawing attention with its floating houses and runways used for seaplanes, Lake Union also offers different experiences to the visitors. There are also many museums in Seattle such as the Aviation Museum, Seattle Art Museum.


With many amusement parks such as Disney World, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Seaworld, EPCOT, it is not only from America throughout the year; Flooded with visitors from all over the world, Orlando shows itself as a city entirely dedicated to entertainment for families.

Orlando, where you can have a great time as a family with themed “dinner shows” such as Medieval Times, Arabian Nights, Pirates, and restaurants most suitable for children, allows you to spend your day full with venues such as Kennedy Space Center and Safari Wilderness spread throughout the city.

The Ferris wheel, which was put into service in 2015, can watch the city from above in The Coca Cola Orlando Eye, you can “zipline” among crocodiles in Gatorland, you can see interesting objects in Ripley’s Believe It or Not, which has an extraordinary architecture. you can experience golf outside.


There are many historical landmarks in Philadelphia, one of the most historically important cities of the USA. Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Freedom was accepted on July 4, 1776, Congress Hall, which served between 1780 and 1790 and was elected president in George Washington, and the Independence National Historical Park, where the famous Liberty Bell is located. You can witness his years.

In addition to hosting one of America’s largest art collections, many museums can be visited, such as the Philadelphia Art Museum, where the famous staircase scene of the Rocky series was shot, the Rodin Museum, where more than 100 works of the French artist are exhibited, and the Franklin Institute Science Museum.

We talked about the most famous cities in our list of places to visit in America. If we want to add 2 famous states to them, we can add California and Alaska to our list.


The magnificent view overlooking the Yosemite Valley in Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains fascinates the countless tourists who come to California every year. Approximately 7 thousand visitors come to Tunnel View every day to enjoy the view.

Lake Tahoe, which was formed during the Ice Age 2 million years ago, is another natural beauty of California. You can do water or snow sports in Lake Tahoe depending on the season. Big Sur Beach is home to one of the world’s largest single-arch bridges, the historical lighthouse, and McWay Falls, which spill directly into the ocean, attracting photography enthusiasts in particular.

Overlooking Death Valley, Dante’s View is another of California‘s astonishing natural formations, while Disneyland in Anaheim attracts families as the largest in the United States.

In Sequoia National Park, you can weave the General Sherman Tree, which is considered to be the world’s largest tree with its 25 meters diameter and 85 meters length.


Alaska, which offers natural beauty that can be seen in very few places on earth, is one of the places where the northern lights are best observed. You can witness the wildlife of northern creatures in Denali National Park.

In Tracy Arm Fjord, you can watch waterfalls pour over icebergs. With the activities at Alaska Native Heritage Center, you can get to know the original lives of Alaska natives and go on an adventure with canoe (kayak) among the glaciers.

Throughout the article on places to visit in America, I tried to share information and photos about the most important places you can visit and see in the country.

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