A Hidden Paradise in Europe, Giethoorn Village – Netherlands

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Giethoorn is the famous Hobbit Village with a population of less than 3000 people, about 1 hour away from Amsterdam. This village, which is almost a description of fairy tales; It is quite fascinating with its boat tours between the canals, cute houses and french fries. This village, whose first name was “Geytenhoren” (goathorn), gets its name from here because of the remains of Goat Horns when it was first found. Its popularity comes from the shooting of the 1958 film “Fanfare” here. After the movie, it became increasingly famous, reaching over 800,000 tourists a year.

Quick Facts About Giethorn

Giethorn welcomes about 800,000 visitors annually. The morning hours are quite empty for the visit, large tour groups arrive with buses in the afternoon and the intensity continues until the evening hours. Morning hours are the best hours to enjoy between the canals with boats.

There are no motor vehicles in Giethorn, there is no road anyway. You can feel this even while breathing. There are only paths suitable for boats with pedestrian paths, bicycle paths and canals. Therefore, there are only bird sounds, duck sounds and water sounds in the village. There is only the voice of nature.

For this reason, the boots are called whisper boots. Bridges are so low that you have to bend over. On some days, it is possible to see people in the public canoeing or sailing in the open water.

Venice of the north!

When it comes to the boats between the canals, it must be because Venice comes to mind directly, that’s why it is called Venice of the North. Apart from the tourism income, there is a life here, people can make a living. I know you have some envy of the possibility of such a reality happening.

Venice title has given St. Petersburg and Bruges, however Giethoorn is also included in this list. It is even referred to as the Venice of the Netherlands.

In addition, although the village is likened to the Lord of the Rings series due to its architecture, it actually has no connection and the filming was not done here. The name Hobbit Village is misleading and that’s why it’s supposed to be, in fact, filming was done in Australia and New Zealand.

When to Go Giethoorn?

Those who follow the blog site closely know that the date does not sound right to me. I’ll tell you the seasons, it’s your decision

Summer months stand out as activities such as boat tours and cycling in Giethoorn are enjoyable.

But in winter, you can sit in white in front of the fireplace. Also, when the canals freeze, there are even people skating on them.

If the ice breaks, don’t worry, the depth is 70 cm, it’s just a little cold.

Apart from that, there are various festivals, making choices according to this date can be a very good alternative.

How to Get to Giethoorn?

Giethoorn is located in the North Holland region. It is located in the state of Overijssel, about 5 km from the town of Steenwijk.

For Giethoorn, you must first fly to Amsterdam Airport (Schipol Airport); about 130 kilometers from there.

I usually buy my plane tickets via Kiwi. It is effective in terms of filtering all flights and I can compare nearby regions with the map feature.

Since rail transportation in European countries is wide, you can reach there by taking a flight to Eindhoven or Hamburg and a 4-5 hour train journey from there.

In addition, if you took a direct flight to Schipol Airport; by renting a car from there, you can reach approximately 1–1.5 hours.

I usually look at renting a car from a place where you can filter more than one option at a time with model, price and other details rather than browsing through individual car rental sites: Rentalcars and Discovercars.

Alternatively, take the train from the Schipol Airport train station to Steenwijk (about a 2-hour journey) and from the bus stop there to take the bus (number 70) to Zwolle. You can get off at the Giethoorn Zuid stop. After you get off, a 10-minute walk will be waiting for you to go to the center.

My Giethoorn Accommodation Advice

Staying in these fairytale-like houses will be quite impressive: You might say how beautiful houses they live in. You can rent one of these houses on Airbnb to experience this experience.

Although Airbnb offers so many interesting and fantastic houses in the world, we can write the houses here on the list of the most peaceful of them.

Apart from that, you can also rent some houses through Agoda. Agoda is one of the best accommodation search engines I have used for my stays. It also shows the Booking comments, its design is also very useful.

Activities To Do Giethoorn

Even lying on the grass and doing nothing in the village like this wonderland is quite enjoyable. Apart from that, the to-do list is quite crowded when you say experience of being a captain on the canals, riding a bike, hiking, tasting french fries (a little sweet), museum and so on. Of course, I can say this for a small village.

Giethoorn Boat Tours

I would say this is one of the most popular events without a doubt. You can be the captain of your own boat with boats for 4-6 people as you can travel with a large boat.

These unique farmhouses from the 18-19th century will continue to appear on the side canals (side streets) with amazing views.

Museums and Souvenirs

Museum Giethoorn ‘t Olde Maat Uus
A small museum full of pill information. It is full of things with traces of old lives, especially local clothes are very important.

Museum De Oude Aarde
This family museum, where precious stones, fossils and jewels from various parts of the world are exhibited, is very famous and popular among tourists with its souvenirs. It would not be wrong to say that the prices are a bit expensive.

Gloria Maris Shells Gallery
There are decorative items, such as coats and raincoats. They are very good quality, especially coats and fleece, but they are also quite expensive. Marine brands predominate, which are expensive products all over the world.

You Should Enrich Your Photo Library

The Dutch have a saying:

God created the Earth; The Dutch created the Netherlands!

I don’t know what your interpretation of this phrase will be, although it contains a little too much ego, it is certain that they have built unique places.

Giethoorn (Hobbit Village)

Zaanse Schans (Village of the Mills)

Volendam (Fishermen’s Village)

These three are some of the most popular. But Giethoorn is one of the best man-made examples of cultivation and presentation with nature. In this regard, every angle in the field of photographs will cause you to take the frames that will affect you.

When I say ducks, horses, cows, goats, nature and canals along a 15-kilometer walking trail, I can say that the number of frames that will have a place in your camera is quite high.

I hope it has been an enjoyable and informative content. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments.

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