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8 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Sao Paulo

Being one of the most populous cities of South America with a population of 12 million, São Paulo is one of the main industrial cities of Brazil and the capital of the state in which it is located. In our article on places to visit in Sao Paulo, we have compiled the sightseeing routes that you must see in the city.

Founded in 1554 by Portuguese Catholic Priests, the city grew steadily with the coffee production it developed in the 1700s and made its name known to the whole world. The city, which is on the eyes of the world with its rising population and football teams, also draws attention with its attractions.

Let’s examine it together;

1- Football Museum


Football, which has become the symbol of Brazil, is given great importance in the city of Sao Paulo. The city even has its own National Football Museum. The museum, where you will get in-depth information about Brazil’s football history, is located in one of the city’s famous squares, Charles Miller Square.

We recommend you to visit the museum where you can find almost everything about football such as the jerseys of many football players, the soccer ball used in the world championship.

2- Sao Paulo Art Museum

Established on an area of ​​74 square meters, Sao Paulo Art Museum, you can see the effects of Brazilian architecture that combines modernity with the magnificent design of concrete and glass. Founded in 1947, the museum is a private non-profit organization founded by Assis Chateaubriand and Pietro Maria Bardi.

The museum, which hosts a distinguished collection of more than 8 thousand pieces, has exhibitions where you can observe African and Asian artworks and contain in-depth information about Brazil’s perspective on art.

Must visit!

3- Sao Paulo Cathedral

The construction of the São Paulo Cathedral, which was a Roman Catholic Church in the past, started in 1913. After forty years of construction, the city cathedral, which fascinates those who see it with its Neo-Gothic architecture, is one of the places to visit for tourists visiting the city. Another important feature of the cathedral is that it is shown as the fourth largest Neo Gothic style cathedral in the world.

4- Altino Arantes Building

Built in 1948 by Francisco Matarazzo Sobrinho, the museum is located in Ibirapuera Park and is one of the institutions that best reflect the cultural values ​​of the city.

The museum, where you can find more than 4 thousand paintings by world famous artists such as Picasso, Aldo Bonadei, Alfredo Volpi, Mario Zanini, is one of the must-visit places on your trip to Sao Paulo.

5- Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo


The Pinacoteca Museum, which is shown as one of the most important museums of Sao Paulo, is known as the oldest art museum of the city, which has been serving since 1905. The design of the Pinacoteca, one of the state public museums of the city, was also made by Sao Paulo.

There are ten thousand pieces of art belonging to the 19th and 20th centuries in the museum, which presents Brazilian perspectives on art. On the other hand, you can find artworks from ancient times to the present.

6- Independence Park

The Independence Park, opened in 1989 in honor of the city’s independence, is shown as one of Brazil’s most important parks. Considered as one of the cultural heritage of the country, the park is built on an area of ​​160 thousand square meters and has a magnificent atmosphere where you can see almost every shade of green.

There are also French gardens near the park, which is home to the Independence Monument and the Ipiranga Museum.

7- Ibirapuera Park

Ibirapuera Park, the second largest park in the city, is one of the places visited by the public with its entertainment venues, running and walking areas. Opened in 1954, the park was designed by the famous landscape architect of the period Roberto Burle Marx.

8- Pátio do Colégio

Patio do Colegio, the name given to the city’s historic Jesuit Church and school, is a Roman Catholic church. The church, which is also one of the tourist spots of the city, was built in 1554 during the Colonial period.

We recommend you to visit the complex, which attracts attention with its white walls and blue windows

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