6 Things to Know Before Visiting Australia

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1-How many hours does it take to Australia?

The first thing you need to know in Australia is travel time. The flight from Europe to Sydney takes 18-20 hours with the mileage calculation, but since there is no direct flight to Sydney, we can think of it as a minimum of 25-28 hours. Since this is a very crazy time, our recommendation for you is to stay a few days in the country you will be transferred to and first visit there a little?

The Day We Didn’t Live

We flew from San Francisco, as we were on a world tour to Australia at that time. Although the total flight time is about 14 hours, the journey we took off on Thursday evening, 26 August 2015, was always on Saturday, August 28, 2015 when we arrived in Sydney as we took a tour by going west. We didn’t experience the 27th of August that year.

2-How do we travel the entire continent while there?

You can travel by train. There are no settlements all over the country, that is, on the continent. So if you take these journeys in Australia, you need to know that untouched wild lands, jumping kangaroos and miles of arid nothing await you.

The Ghan: There is a train route from the east of the country to the lowest. (From Sydney to Perth)

Indian Pacific: And likewise, there is a train route from the southernmost to the northernmost. (From Adelaide to Darwin)

3-When shall we go?

The weather in Australia is beautiful, sunny and hot in all seasons. There is a constant holiday atmosphere in coastal cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The beaches are always full, they hang out on the beaches for surfing if not swimming. The beaches are full of Volkswagen T1 vans with surfboards attached to their ceilings. Bars and restaurants in the streets are full from the early hours.

One of the things you need to know in Australia is that the weather has always been good, but the summer is still the best time to go. Summer term for Australia is December, January and February.

4-Is a visa required?

It depends on your country, but it is not a visa-free country.

5-Do dangerous species roam everywhere?

It is true that there are many animal species such as poisonous spiders and snakes in Australia. But you can only encounter them in rural areas. You are extremely safe in the city, don’t worry.

Wild Dogs

Not the most important thing you need to know in Australia, but because it is interesting information, we will include it. Untamed wild dogs called Dingo live in Australia. I think angel-faced animals, but they’re not very friendly. Because they destroy and eat the living things they encounter. The country has built the longest fence in the world to the east of the continent to be protected from these dogs. The length of the fence is 5,614 km and is called the Dingo fence. If you cross the fence, heed the warnings.

6-Can I jump with kangaroos and hug koalas?

Yes! You can jump with kangaroos in Australia, and you can hold koalas if you catch them while they’re awake. I say catch it because koalas spend 18 hours a day sleeping. The reason for this was that they were fed on the leaves of the eucalyptus tree. You can also read our Australia travel guide for more information. It takes a long time for the eucalyptus tree to digest its leaves and turn them into energy, so they always sleeping

You can mingle with kangaroos and koalas in many parts of the country. I share what I know below:


You can see kangaroos in their wild at Pebbly Beach near Sydney, Lucky Bay or Cape Hillsborough in Queensland.


At Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary or Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Brisbane,

You can cuddle with koalas at Cleland Wildlife Park in Adelaide.

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