50 Places to Visit in Istanbul

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What places to add to the list of places to visit in Istanbul? Having been the capital of two mighty civilizations such as Byzantine and Ottoman, Istanbul offers travelers a beautiful holiday that can be lived in very few places with its cultural background and entertainment facilities.

If you do not intend to waste even a minute of your time in this ancient city that the Bosphorus gave life to, you can easily create your own program by taking a look at the options in the list of places to visit in Istanbul that I have prepared for you.

Istanbul Attractions List

1.Topkapi Palace

You can write Topkapı Palace in the first place of your list of places to visit in Istanbul due to its historical value and architectural magnificence.

Built between 1460-1478, the palace consists of 4 intertwined courtyards. Kubbealtı in the first courtyard and Babüsseda in the second court within the powerful building complex, which was turned into a museum in 1924 and opened to the public, constitute the most striking sections.

After visiting the Special Room in the 2nd Courtyard and the Department of Sacred Relics, I suggest you move to the Harem section where you can get detailed information about the Ottoman palace life.

  • Address: Cankurtaran, 34122 Fatih / Istanbul
  • Visiting hours: 09.00-18.00
  • Entrance Fee: 72 TL

2.Hagia Sophia Museum

Hagia Sophia, one of the most important places to visit in the Historic Peninsula, was built between 532-537.

The ancient building, which has managed to bring its glory to the present thanks to the works of Mimar Sinan, has been kept open to visitors in the status of a museum since 1935.

The most important parts are the Sultan’s Tombs and Mahmud the first Library. While visiting the museum, do not forget to spare time for the Wish Pillar.

  • Address: Sultanahmet, Hagia Sophia Square No: 1, 34122 Fatih / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-19.00
  • Entrance Fee: 100 TL

3.Blue Mosque

The construction of the Blue Mosque, which is called “Blue Mosque” due to the tiles decorating its inner walls, was carried out between 1609-1616 in line with the order of Sultan Ahmet the first.

After Hagia Sophia was transformed into a museum, 22,000 tiles were produced in Iznik and Kutahya, turning the interior of the religious building, which was honored with the title of Istanbul’s main mosque, into a visual feast. Unfortunately, many buildings in the complex have not survived to the present day.

  • Address: Sultan Ahmet, Atmeydanı Caddesi No: 7, 34122 Fatih / Istanbul

4.Suleymaniye Mosque

Suleymaniye Mosque, which Mimar Sinan called “my journeyman work” and which is one of the most important examples of Ottoman classical architecture, was built between 1551 and 1557.

The simplicity of the outer part of the religious building, which offers wonderful views of Istanbul thanks to its location, leaves its place to elegant architectural details inside.

In the garden of the mosque, there are tombs of Suleiman the Magnificent and Hürrem Sultan. The tomb of Mimar Sinan is waiting for you at the beginning of the Fetva Slope.

  • Address: Süleymaniye Mah, Prof. Sıddık Sami Onar Caddesi No: 1, 34116 Fatih / İstanbul

5.Yerebatan Cistern

Yerebatan Cistern, which finds itself at the top of the list of places to visit in Istanbul thanks to its mysterious atmosphere, was built in 532.

The building met the water needs of the Great Palace during the Byzantine period. It even maintained the same function for Topkapı Palace until the differences of opinion on religious issues emerged.

The cistern, which contains interesting details such as Medusa Heads, is now the scene of cultural events.

  • Address: Alemdar, Yerebatan Caddesi 1/3, 34110 Fatih / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-17.30
  • Entrance Fee: 15 TL

6.Dolmabahçe Palace

Dolmabahçe Palace, which adds beauty to the Bosphorus, is an exquisite architectural wonder that sheds light on the last periods of the Ottoman Empire. Under every detail that makes the palace, which was built between 1843 and 1856, unique, there are the signatures of Garabet Balyan and his son Nikoğos.

The Selamlık, Ceremonial Hall and Harem in the main building stand out as the sights of the palace, where the traditional Turkish House building style is enriched with European style touches. While visiting the building, you can also find the opportunity to visit Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s Bedroom.

  • Address: Vişnezade, Dolmabahçe Street, 34357 Beşiktaş / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-16.30
  • Entrance Fee: 90 TL

7.Galata Tower

The Galata Tower, which has been in Istanbul for nearly 15 centuries, made its debut as a lighthouse in 528.

The magnificent tower, which was dominated by the Genoese for a period and used for different purposes in the Ottoman period, today attracts travelers who want to watch the scenery.

The building also has a restaurant with a rich menu. If you go to the second floor of the tower, which is the subject of love stories, you can experience a four-dimensional Flyride experience.

  • Address: Bereketzade, Galata Tower, 34421 Beyoğlu / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-20.30
  • Entrance Fee: 15 TL

8.Istanbul Archaeological Museums

Istanbul Archeology Museums, whose origins date back to the period of Fatih, convey important information to its visitors about the important civilizations established on three continents throughout history through the magnificent collections they contain. In the inventory of the cultural facility, there are more than one million historical artifacts in total.

Museum complex; It consists of three main sections: Archeology, Ancient Oriental Works and Tiled Pavilion. While the Archeology Museum is the most detailed among these sections, the Tiled Pavilion focuses on the Seljuk and Ottoman period artifacts.

  • Address: Cankurtaran, 34122 Fatih / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-20.00
  • Entrance Fee: 50 TL

9.Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar, which offers valuable opportunities to shopping lovers, also gives different clues about the history of the city, has been in existence since the Byzantine times.

The part that was named Cevahir Bedesten during the Ottoman period is the center of the bazaar. Sandal Bedesten was added during the expansion work carried out in line with the order of Fatih.

I suggest you go to the Inner Bedesten to find authentic products. If you feel hungry while visiting the bazaar, you can choose the Havuzlu Restaurant.

  • Address: Beyazıt, Kalpakçılar Caddesi, No: 22, 34126 Fatih / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-19.00

10.Taksim Square & Istiklal Street

If you are curious about the daily life of the ancient city, you can reserve a place for Taksim Square and Istiklal Street in your list of places to visit in Istanbul.

Although the square has lost its old charm, I think it deserves a visit, thanks to the presence of the Republic Monument. Likewise, İstiklal Street still shapes the cultural life of the city thanks to its venues such as Salt Beyoğlu and Borusan Culture and Art Center.

Along the street, architecturally spectacular buildings such as Mısır Apartment, Elhamra Passage, and Galatasaray High School are lined up one after another.

11.Kariye Museum

Kariye, which was used as a monastery and a church during the Byzantine period and converted into a mosque after Istanbul came under Ottoman rule, can be visited as a museum since 1948.

The historical building, whose real name is “Chora”, displays a very simple stance from the outside. In the interior, you will be greeted by magnificent mosaics and frescoes. These works constitute the most important examples of the awakening period of Byzantine art.

  • Address: Dervişali, Kariye Cami Sokak, No: 18, 34087 Fatih / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-19.00
  • Entrance Fee: 65 TL

12.Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum hosted by the Ibrahim Pasha Palace; It focuses on the Abbasid, Mamluk, Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

While visiting the exhibition areas of the museum, which was founded in 1914 and has been operating in the imaret building in the Süleymaniye Mosque Complex for a long time, you can have the opportunity to closely examine the Seljuk carpets and various glass, earthenware and ceramic objects.

  • Address: Binbirdirek, Atmeydanı Caddesi, No: 44, 34122 Fatih / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-19.00
  • Entrance Fee: 50 TL

13.Maiden’s Tower

The Maiden’s Tower, which makes it much more enjoyable to watch the view from the Üsküdar coast with its elegance, was built by Alkibiades of Athens in BC. It was built in 410.

The building, which was strengthened in the Roman period to support the city defense, has been the subject of many stories throughout its history. The Tower now offers its visitors the opportunity to have a good time through its restaurant.

  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-19.00
  • Entrance Fee: 30 TL

14.Spice Bazaar

If you want to take advantage of authentic shopping opportunities, you can turn your route into the historical Spice Bazaar. It was built by IV. Mehmed’s mother, Hatice Turhan Sultan, in 1661. However, it is believed that their origins actually date back to the Byzantine period.

In the historical place where herbalists and cotton men were active in the early periods, today products from different categories from spices to confectionery, textiles to various essences are sold.

  • Visiting Hours: 08.00-19.00

15.Rumeli Fortress

Fatih Sultan Mehmet wanted to take full control of the Bosphorus before the conquest through the Rumeli Fortress, which was started to be built in 1452.

The mighty ruler not only achieved this goal, but also left travelers a wonderful legacy to add to their list of places to visit in Istanbul. The fortress, with its three large towers still standing, has long been identified with cultural organizations.

  • Address: Yahya Kemal Caddesi, 34470 Sarıyer / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-19.00

16.Sultanahmet Square (Obelisk, Serpentine Column, Hippodrome)

Described as the heart of the Historic Peninsula, Sultanahmet Square is one of the most beautiful places to spend time in Istanbul due to its intense historical atmosphere.

During the Byzantine period, there was a giant hippodrome in the area where the present square is located. In addition, a part of the Great Palace extended towards the square. However, only the Obelisk and a part of the Serpent Column remain of these mighty structures.

17.Eyüp Sultan Mosque & Tomb

Eyüp Sultan Mosque and Mausoleum, which attracts people from all age groups with its centuries-old plane trees adorning its courtyard, and it’s peaceful atmosphere, was first built in 1458 in accordance with the order of the Conqueror. However, this building was heavily damaged due to the earthquake. It was completely renovated during the Selim period.

The religious structure, which hosts the sword-wearing ceremonies of the sultans, draws attention with its tile embroidery.Eyüp Sultan’s mausoleum and the banner from the time of Prophet Mohammed are the most visited parts of the building.

  • Address: Merkez Mahallesi, Cami Kebir Street, No: 1, 34050 Eyüp / Istanbul

18.Fatih Mosque

The construction process of the Fatih Mosque, the work of Sinaüddin Yusuf bin Abdullah, or better known as Atik Sinan, was carried out between 1462-1469.

When it was completed, the building, which turned into one of the most important religious centers of the period with its 16 madrasas and libraries, has many graves, especially those of Fatih and his wife.

The mosque, which has received its share from earthquakes throughout history, was chosen as the first place to read the Turkish call(ezan) to prayer in 1932.

  • Address: Hattat Nafiz Caddesi, No: 6, 34083, 34083 Fatih / Istanbul

19.Ortaköy Mosque (Great Mecidiye Mosque)

Ortaköy Mosque, also known as Büyük Mecidiye among the people, has been adding beauty to the beauty of the Bosphorus since 1853. The religious building, which was built in accordance with the order of Sultan Abdülmecid, is appreciated by its visitors with its mastery of stone work.

Travelers who spend time inside the Neo-Baroque style mosque have the privilege of closely examining the “Çeharyar-ı Güzin” plates prepared by the sultan himself.

  • Address: Mecidiye Bridge Street, No: 1 D: 1, 34347 Beşiktaş / Istanbul

20.Istanbul Modern Art Museum

Established in 2004 under the leadership of Oya Eczacıbaşı, the Istanbul Modern Art Museum is preparing to move to its new location after welcoming its visitors in its old place, which was once used as a dry cargo warehouse within the structure of Denizcilik İşletmeleri.

The museum, which is the seat of art lovers’ list of places to visit in Istanbul, therefore continues its activities in its temporary building in Beyoğlu.

In the museum, you can have the opportunity to understand the artistic change that took place in our country in the 20th century with all its nakedness. In this context, sculptures, paintings and video works of various artists are displayed in the exhibition areas of the cultural facility.

  • Address: Asmalı Mescit, Meşrutiyet Caddesi, No: 99, 34430 Beyoğlu / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 10.00-18.00
  • Entrance Fee: 37 TL


Miniatürk, which has been operating since 2003, contains 1/25 scaled copies of 134 architectural wonders in Anatolia and the Ottoman geography.

In the cultural facility, which is spread over an area of ​​60 thousand square meters, besides the original miniature copies of landmarks such as Dolmabahçe and Hagia Sophia, there are details such as mini stadium, ferry, sightseeing train. Just like in Galata Tower, you can join a simulation helicopter tour here.

  • Address: Örnektepe Mahallesi, İmrahor Caddesi, No: 7/1 Beyoğlu / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-18.00
  • Entrance Fee: 10 TL

22.Rahmi M. Koç Museum

If you, like me, are interested in branches such as industry, transportation and communication, you can spend some of your holiday time in Istanbul for the Rahmi M. Koç Museum and have pleasant moments.

The cultural facility, which continues its activities within the Rahmi M. Koç Museum and Culture Foundation, opened its doors to its visitors in 1994. The museum with an area of ​​27 thousand square meters; Lengerhane consists of three main sections, the Historical Hasköy Shipyard and the open air exhibition area.

  • Address: Piri Pasa, Hasköy Caddesi, No: 5 D: No: 5, 34445 Beyoğlu / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.30-19.00
  • Entrance Fee: 21 TL

23.Emirgan Grove

When you feel that you are overwhelmed by the chaotic atmosphere of Istanbul, you can head straight to Emirgan Grove. Located between Emirgan and Istinye districts, the grove was first built in the 17th century It was gifted to the Iranian Emir Güne Han by IV. Murad. Afterwards, it changed hands frequently.

The green area expropriated as a result of the efforts of Lütfi Kırdar in 1940; With its picnic areas, mansions and calm atmosphere, it has turned into one of the most important escape areas for Istanbulites.

24.Belgrad Forest

The Belgrad Forest, which covers the eastern part of the Çatalca Peninsula, was the most important source of water in the Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

The forest, which takes its name from the community that Kanuni brought with him after the Belgrade expedition, attracts those who want to walk, run and cycle thanks to its long trails. At the same time, although it is not as rich as it used to be, it still hosts a considerable amount of wildlife diversity.

25.Big Camlica Hill

Büyük Çamlıca Hill, once the most important meeting point for lovers who want to stay out of sight, offers exquisite views to its guests, which make a place for itself in the list of places to visit in Istanbul with its 265-meter altitude.

Another feature of the hill is that it is an important stop on the migration routes of birds. In this way, those who want to observe can find unique opportunities in September and October.

26.Pierre Loti Hill

Pierre Loti Hill, which is known as the best place to watch the beautiful view of the Golden Horn, is named after a French writer who loves Istanbul. More precisely, the pen name of Julien Valud, who enjoys spending time here, has become the name of the hill over the years.

When you go up the hill, you can visit the historical buildings of Kaşgari and Çolak Hasan dervish lodges before sitting at a table to drink tea, and you can make a wish about something that you want to happen through the famous well located close to Iskender Dede’s grave.

27.Ataturk Arboretum

It is as calm as the Belgrad Forest it is a part of; However, the establishment process of Atatürk Arboretum, which is one step ahead of it in terms of plant diversity, started in 1949 under the payment of Hayrettin Kayacık. However, this process was prolonged until 1982 due to various reasons.

Apart from observing plant and tree species, you can go for long walks in the arboretum. Of course, in the meantime, don’t forget to keep your camera with you.

  • Address: Istanbul University, Kemer, Faculty of Forestry, 34450 Sarıyer / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 08.30-17.00
  • Entrance Fee: 20 TL

28.Gulhane Park

Gülhane Park, which was used as the outer garden of Topkapı Palace for a long time during the Ottoman period, was opened to the public in 1912. Covering an area of ​​163 acres, the park contains interesting historical details such as the Goths Column from the Roman period.

Has Stables Building, located in the green area where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk introduced the Latin letters to the public, has been hosting the Istanbul Islamic Science and Technology History Museum since 2008.

29.Panorama 1453 History Museum

Opened to visitors in 2009, Panorama 1453 History Museum is the most important resource for travelers who want to get detailed information about the conquest of Istanbul.

While visiting the exhibition areas of the cultural facility, which is the first panoramic museum established in our country, you can closely examine the reliefs and models depicting the various stages of the historical event.

  • Address: Merkez Efendi Mahallesi, Topkapı Culture Park Inside Road, 34015 Zeytinburnu / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 08.00-17.00
  • Entrance Fee: 10 TL

30.Anatolian Castle

Another historical building that you can include in your list of places to visit in Istanbul is Anadolu Hisarı. The military structure was built by Yıldırım Beyazıt in 1395 to restrict Genoese and Byzantine activities on the Bosphorus.

Although it was gradually abandoned to its fate due to losing its importance after the conquest, the inner and outer castle parts of the fort still remain largely intact.

31.Beylerbeyi Palace

The Beylerbeyi Palace, which was built between 1863 and 1865 in the area where the grove was known as the Cross Gardens during the Byzantine period, bears the signature of the famous architect of the period, Sarkis Balyan.

The building group consists of a series of mansions in addition to the summer palace, which is the main building. The wood carvings and gold embroidery ornaments inside the palace, where plain design is preferred on the outside, enchants the visitors with their impressive appearance.

  • Address: Abdullahağa Caddesi, 34676 Üsküdar / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-16.30
  • Entrance Fee: 40 TL

32.Ciragan Palace

If you are interested in Baroque architecture, you can include Çırağan Palace in your travel program in addition to Beylerbeyi. The palace, which was built between 1863 and 1867, cannot be visited in all parts because it is home to a hotel.

Therefore, the way to witness the architectural beauties it contains is through either participating in the events organized at the hotel or participating in Bosphorus tours.

  • Address: Çırağan Caddesi, No: 32, 34349 Beşiktaş / İstanbul

33.Yedikule Dungeons

Yedikule Dungeons, holding the title of the oldest open air museum established in our country, started its adventure on the stage of history as a triumphal arch. His son, who took the Byzantine throne after the Emperor Theodosius, who ordered its construction, enabled this gate to be transformed into a fortress supported by towers.

The military structure has been used for different purposes throughout its history. However, the years when it was converted into a prison were more severe due to the historical importance of its compulsory guests.

  • Address: Yedikule Meydani Sokak, No: 9, 34107 Fatih / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 08.30-18.00
  • Entrance Fee: 10 TL

34.Galata Mevlevihanesi

Also known as Kulekapısı and Galipdede, Galata Mevlevihanesi was established in 1491. The first dervish lodge of Istanbul was opened to visitors in 1975 under the name “Divan Literature Museum”. It took its current name after the restoration process completed in 2001.

The dervish rooms on the ground floor of the semahane section of the cultural facility are used to display various works of art and sect items. On the ground floor of the building, there are the sema area and sections where calligraphy plates and musical instruments are exhibited.

  • Address: Galip Dede Caddesi, No: 15, 34420 Beyoğlu / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-19.00
  • Entrance Fee: 18 TL

35.Istanbul Naval Museum

If you are interested in maritime, you can add the Naval Museum, which was established by the order of the Minister of the Navy, Hasan Hüsnü Pasha, to your list of places to visit in Istanbul.

Cultural facility focusing on the period from the Ottoman Empire to the first years of the Republic; It consists of four main sections: Main Exhibition, Historical Boats Gallery, Cultural Site and Open Exhibition Area.

While visiting these sections, you can closely examine many valuable objects from the belongings of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to the navy clothes of different periods, from the banners to the handwritten sources.

  • Address: Beşiktaş Caddesi, No: 6 D: 1, 34353 Beşiktaş / İstanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-17.00
  • Entrance Fee: 12 TL

36.Isfanbul Entertainment and Life Center (Vialand)

Isfanbul Entertainment and Life Center, or Vialand for short, which is one of the most enjoyable places to visit in Istanbul especially for families with children, has been operating since 2013. The amusement park, which includes a shopping area of ​​110 thousand square meters, has thematic areas that appeal to adults as well as children.

Little Explorers, Fatih’s Dream and Safari Tunnel are among the areas where children show the most interest. Adults with a high dose of adrenaline await adults at the facility, such as Breathtaking and Viking.

  • Address: Şht. Metin Kaya Sokak, No: 11/1, 34065 Eyüp / İstanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 10.30-21.30
  • Entrance Fee: 99.99 TL

37.Anadolu Kavağı

Anadolu Kavağı, one of the most important stops of boat tours on the Bosphorus, attracts the attention of travelers with its calm atmosphere and lush nature.

If you go to the fishing village within the boundaries of the Beykoz district, especially in winter, you can find the opportunity to stay away from the noise of the city and refresh.

Of course, if you have goals such as tasting recipes made using fresh seafood and exploring historical treasures such as Midilli Ali Reis Mosque and Yoros Castle, you can also consider sparing your weekend here.

38.Pera Museum

Pera Museum, which continues its activities within the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation, opened its doors to visitors for the first time in 2005. Three valuable collections of the foundation are presented to the attention of art lovers in the permanent exhibition sections of the museum.

The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions containing collections of important artists, who have a worldwide reputation thanks to the successful relationships it maintains with international institutions.

  • Address: Meşrutiyet Caddesi, No: 65, 34430 Beyoğlu / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 10.00-19.00
  • Entrance Fee: 25 TL

39.Sakıp Sabancı Museum

Sakıp Sabancı Museum, which was opened in 2002, attracts art lovers thanks to the collections it contains, and does not escape the attention of individuals who are interested in architecture with the structure it is in.

When you visit the Atlı Köşk donated to Sabancı University in 1998, you can find the opportunity to examine three different collections named Furniture and Decorative Works Collection, Book Arts and Calligraphy Exhibition, Turkish Painting from Tanzimat to Republic. You can meet with the works of world famous modern artists thanks to the temporary exhibitions.

  • Address: Sakıp Sabancı Caddesi, No: 42, 34467 Sarıyer / İstanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 12.00-20.00
  • Entrance Fee: 40 TL

40.Yildiz Park

After the museum visits, you can turn your route to Yıldız Park in order to take a rest and think about the works you have examined in a calm environment.

Thanks to the presence of Malta and Tent mansions, this place is also among the favorite places that history lovers include in their list of places to visit in Istanbul.

Located on the south side of Çırağan Street, the park witnessed various entertainments during the Tulip Period. The green area, known as the backyard of the Çırağan Palace for a period, turned into an outer grove as a result of the expansion of Yıldız Palace.

41.The Museum of Innocence

The Museum of Innocence, which attracted attention with its original content, was opened to visitors in 2012. The story of the establishment of the cultural facility operating in a 19th century building is based on Orhan Pamuk’s novel of the same name.

Just like the protagonist of the novel Kemal, Pamuk collected various items and created the museum’s collection.

  • Address: Çukurcuma Caddesi, Dalgıç Çıkmazı, No: 2, 34425 Beyoğlu / İstanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 10.00-18.00
  • Entrance Fee: 30 TL

42.Istanbul Toy Museum

The Istanbul Toy Museum, which takes adults back to their childhood and promises joyful moments to children, was founded in 2005 by the poet Sunay Akın.

Thanks to the works of stage design artist Ayhan Doğan, the museum gained a very impressive atmosphere. From the characters of Karagöz-Hacivat from the Abdulhamit period to the doll of Mona Lisa, which was produced only one by Fawn Zeller, you can really find interesting objects.

  • Address: Göztepe Mahallesi, Ömerpaşa Street, Doctor Zeki Zeren Sokak No: 17, 34730 Kadıköy / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.30-18.00
  • Entrance Fee: 18 TL

43.Haydarpasa Train Station

Haydarpaşa Train Station, one of the most important symbols of the city, was built by a German company between 1906-1908. Representing the starting point of the Istanbul-Ankara railway line, the building was home to eye-catching details such as a clock and lead stained glass placed on a pediment with Baroque ornaments.

However, due to bad luck, he lost some of the details that add originality to him over time. Still, the aesthetic stance on the sandstone facades and the flamboyant dome ceiling make the building a place to see.

44.Istanbul Aquarium

The Istanbul Aquarium, right next to the Atatürk Marine Mansion, reveals the rich underwater life from the Black Sea to the Pacific with 18 areas with different themes.

You can observe lemon sharks, red-bellied piranhas and Russian sturgeons under the closest conditions to their natural habitats while visiting the thematic facility, which gives its guests the opportunity to have fun through sections such as the Mysterious Ancient Totem, Hurricane Simulator and Mirror Labyrinth.

  • Address: Yeşilköy Halkalı Caddesi, No: 93, 34153 Bakırköy / İstanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 10.00-20.00
  • Entrance Fee: 109 TL

45.Mihrimah Sultan Mosque

Located in Üsküdar Pier Square, Mihrimah Sultan Mosque is another place where individuals interested in Ottoman architecture can have their list of places to visit in Istanbul. The religious building, bearing the signature of Mimar Sinan, has an extremely simple and elegant design.

The mosque, which was built between 1546 and 1548, still preserves its integrity with the madrasah, school, imaret, inn and tomb sections. Tombs; It belongs to Mihrimah Sultan’s sons, Grand Vizier İbrahim Ethem and Captain Derya Sinan Pasha.

46.Otağtepe Park (Fatih Grove)

Otağtepe Park, or more known as Fatih Grove, is one of the places where you can enjoy the Bosphorus view in the best way.

You can have a picnic in the grove, where there is a section where TEMA Foundation’s products are sold, as well as the opportunity to immortalize the breathtaking beauty scenes you encounter with your camera.

47.Yildiz Palace

 Yıldız Palace, built in the name of II.Selim’s mother Mihrişah Sultan, stands out with its architectural differences. Underlying this difference lies the additions made by the sultans after they settled here because it is more sheltered than Dolmabahçe.

The palace also left its mark on the Ottoman history in the political events it witnessed in the 19th century. Nowadays, it has become one of the most popular destinations for travelers in Istanbul, thanks to three beautiful museums.

  • Address: Gayrettepe Barbaros Boulevard, Hamam Street, 34349 Beşiktaş / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-16.30
  • Entrance Fee: 40 TL

48.Bakirkoy Botanical Park


Bakirkoy Botanical Park with Turkey’s highest  game towers, equipped with details that may be of interest to all members of the seventy to seven.

The park fulfills its main task through its 11 gardens with different themes. In the park, where there are special sections reserved for migratory birds, young individuals have the opportunity to have fun with their peers in the playgrounds. While spending time in the green area, you can have a picnic or use the social facilities.

  • Address: İncirli Crossroad, D-100 Side Road, 34146 Bakırköy / İstanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 07.00-23.00

49.Joshua’s Hill & Tomb

Joshua Hill, which has been accepted as a sacred place for all religions is the closest and highest place to the Bosphorus shore according to the inscription on the tomb.

The structures on the hill, of which there are various rumors about its name, were built by Mehmet Said Pasha. When you visit the tomb on the hill, which is considered one of the most interesting points of Anadolu Kavağı, you may encounter many people who wish.

  • Visiting Hours: 09.00-18.00

50.The Little Hagia Sophia Mosque

The Little Hagia Sophia Mosque, which I recommend you to add to your list of places to visit in Istanbul due to its aesthetic appearance, was built between the years 527-536 in the name of the Eastern Roman Emperor I. Justinian and his wife.

The historical building, which was called Aya Sergios and Bachos Church for a long time, It was converted into a mosque in  II.Beyazıt period. If you have time, you can visit the madrasa in its garden.

  • Address: Küçük Ayasofya Camii Street, No: 20, 34122 Fatih / Istanbul

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