5 Reasons to Take the Norwegian Fjords Journey

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The Norwegian Fjords are natural miracles that occur when deep valleys and narrow entrances are filled with ocean water during the ice ages. The most beautiful examples of this coastal type, which is frequently encountered in northern countries such as Greenland and Alaska, are the Norwegian fjords. Every year, hundreds of cruise ships bring tourists to Norwegian ports to experience these miraculous formations to see the fjords that decorate the Norwegian coastline. If you want to take a tour of Northern Europe, there are many reasons to see the fjords. Here are reasons to take a trip to the Norwegian fjords.

You can photograph the Colorful Wooden Houses of Bergen

The city of Bergen is a charming town that deserves to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List with its colorful houses. This town, also described as the gateway to the Norwegian fjords, is the second largest city in the country. Today, more tourists come to see this city than the number of people living in Bergen. In other words, we can say that this small port city is one of the reasons to go on a journey in the Norwegian fjords.

You can witness the magnificent view of the Pulpit Rocks

Pulpit Rocks are one of the most important reasons to travel to the Norwegian fjords. Pulpit Rocks in the Lysefjord, which is among the Norwegian fjords that attract thousands of tourists every year, has a magnificent view. This rocky area of ​​25 square meters is 600 meters above sea level. To reach the cliff, you need to walk for approximately 2 hours, starting from Preikestolen. However, when you reach the magnificent view of the rock, you will see that it is worth the trouble. For photography enthusiasts, we recommend you to read our post on Norwegian hills.

You Can Have a Unique Nature Experience in Hidden Paradise “Stavanger”

One of the reasons to travel on the Norwegian fjords is this charming port city. What makes Stavanger worth seeing is its history dating back to the Viking era. You can be sure to admire Stavanger’s architecture and festivals during your journey to the Norwegian fjords.

You Can Embark on Exciting Adventures in the Sognefjord

Sognefjord is Norway’s largest fjord. This is a place full of great fun and adventure. Visitors, on the other hand, can embark on adventures such as snow-capped mountains and waterfalls with the Flamsbana train, known as the steepest train journey in the world.

You Can Take a Boat Ride in the Deep Blue Waters of Geirangerfjord

Geirangerfjord is one of the most visited places among the Norwegian fjords. If you are thinking of going to the Norwegian fjords, you can visit the Geirangerfjord and take a boat ride to see the famous waterfall “Seven Sisters” that fills directly into the fjord.

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