5 Great Activities You Should Do in Lapland

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A Winter Dream: LAPLAND

Northern countries are a bit expensive as you know, but Finland is a little more suitable than others. There are many activities you can do in Lapland. You can limit these activities according to the length of time you will be there or based on your interests. Here are 5 great activities for you to do in Lapland!

Tree Hotel

The Tree Hotel is a popular place recently. The hotel in the forests of Lulea is a complete wonder of design with 7 different modern tree houses. The most iconic place in Swedish Lapland. Its emergence is briefly as follows: The couple Kent and Britta Lindvall, who are of retirement age, want to live a life close to nature in their village and Britta opens a hostel. His wife, Kent, also organizes daily fishing tours. But Lulea is not a tourist destination and things don’t go the way they want. However, thanks to the stay of the film crew of Tradalskaren, Tree Lover, which was filmed in Lulea, staying in Britta’s guesthouse, the couple got the idea of building modern tree houses in the garden of the hostel. And since then, tree houses have enjoyed incredible popularity. Of course, accommodation here requires reservations well in advance and a good budget.

Watch the Northern Lights

Seeing the northern lights has turned into an incredible passion and tourism, but there is nothing to do, we will have to go and see it. Because it’s beautiful. You can find suitable glass iglus, although some are quite expensive. We have already mentioned that Northern countries are expensive. Look at keeping it somewhere north of Saariselka in Finland. Nellim, the surroundings of Inari Lake are both in a good location and have beautiful nature. It can be a unique experience.

Ice Hotel

One thing you should not return without doing while in Laponia is the ice hotel. The hotel completely melts down in April every year and is rebuilt from scratch with a completely different design every November. Artists from all over the world, special electrical installations, etc. You have 3 options: Ice Castle in Kemi, Arctic Snow Hotel in Rovaniemi and Snow Village in Kittila. Snow Village, also known for being the largest ice hotel in the world, is the best performance among them. They also made a lot of noise by making the whole hotel Game of Thrones in 2018 and 2019. Another nice thing about Snow Village is that it has room options with 2, 3, 4 or 5 beds. So if you are family or with a group of friends, by sharing 1 room, you will save a lot on your budget. If you do not want to stay or if your budget is not suitable, it is possible to join the Snow Village tour (available on an hourly basis), hang out at its bar, eat in its restaurant made entirely of ice.

Get to Know the Local People

The Sami population, the local population of the polar region, found themselves divided into 4 countries after the political borders were drawn. It is estimated that there are 8,000 people in Finland, 20-40,000 in Sweden, 50-65,000 in Norway and 2,000 in Russia. The Sami, who have lived in this region since the last ice age, are also known for being the only true people of Europe. I have to say that tours are organized to show the Sami culture, but be careful, some do it just to earn money, so you may not meet a real Sami family or individuals. In addition, as in many societies, the oppression of the minority and the exposure of various practices were made within this community. Therefore, it is difficult to find a fully sheltered culture. We should point out that it is an assimilated community.

Santa’s Village

As it is known, Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) lives in the poles according to legend. The Finns use this situation to their advantage and establish an amusement park right at 66 ° 33´39 ″ where the Arctic Circle begins. They named it Santa’s Village. It has pretty cute houses (Santa’s House, Elf School etc…) and classical Lappish activities inside. It is great for children, and pleasant for grown-ups. However, doing some activities here may be a bit costly.

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